How Every Champion In League Could Fit Into the New Magic System

So now with the launch into Ixtal and the definition of Elemental magic being set in stone, our very own Scathelocke dropped this interesting Tweet defining some kinds of magic which you can check out here This is undoubtedly some of the first we are seeing of the lores' upcoming magic update and even though it isn't canon yet or set in stone there is enough here to speculate. I would guess that based on the tweet how the magic system works is such that for each realm of existence there is a respective "magic type" that goes with it. Elemental magic in the physical realm of Runeterra, Spiritual in the spirit realm and Celestial for the Cosmos. All other specific magic are made of these "Big Three" derivatives from a larger source. Even though nothing here is canon and these are "his take" on the magic system I thought it would be fun to look at all the champions in the game and try to fit them neatly within this framework. To test if this hypothetical magic system can accommodate them all. As a quick reference: Most magical humans = Elemental Vastaya/Necromancy/Spirits/Demons/Yordles = Spiritual Aspects/Celestials = Celestial Ascended = Elemental + Celestial Elemental - {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:20}} (Just Willump Not Nunu){{champion:102}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:246}} Spiritual - {{champion:103}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:238}} Celestial - {{champion:136}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:142}} Elemental + Spiritual - {{champion:34}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:8}} Elemental + Celestial - {{champion:266}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:10}}{{champion:25}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:101}} Spiritual + Celestial - {{champion:432}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:45}} Mundane (No Magic to Speak of) - {{champion:84}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:154}} Hextech - {{champion:53}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:115}} Void (not magic, but functions kind of like it) - {{champion:31}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:161}} _**Undeterminable Champions**_ --------------------------- {{champion:32}} His curse isn't defined well within these parameters, but if he's truly a Yordle (which I find likely) than he falls under Spiritual {{champion:201}} If Braum is a spirit rumors hold any wait he is both Elemental and Spiritual, otherwise just an Elemental mage or Mundane with an enchanted door {{champion:69}} Cassiopeia was not a mage before being transformed. I'm tempted to stick her in as Celestial+Elemental with the rest of the Ascended but maybe not {{champion:9}} Spiritual? Help me out here {{champion:3}} Where does petricite fall in all of this? Anti-magic is hard to place. {{champion:24}} 95% sure he is Mundane badass, but there is potential for some Void interference so I wont touch this one {{champion:55}} Always confused on this one.... i mean she can straight up blink to targets right? Not just in game, but in her latest story as well. That's magic isn't it? {{champion:203}} Even touching this one is going to derail this whole thread into a Kindred is a spirit vs an entity argument. Not. Touching. This {{champion:7}} Is Illusion magic Elemental or Spiritual? Both? Please discuss this one I find fascinating {{champion:236}} I would have called him mundane with magic weapons, but his story gives his weapon a very magical firing mechanism that could be interpreted as magical {{champion:54}} Bio incoming soon. My money is on Element+Spirit. {{champion:2}} Is his undeath tied to Spirit magic. Is he an Elemental mage based on his electricity affinity possibly associated with Volibear Who knows? {{champion:33}} Like Amumu we don't entirely know what he is. If he's just an armordillo with Earth powers than Elemental, if he is truly ascended Elemental+Celestial {{champion:92}} Riven herself is mundane, yet wields a Runic Blade. Runic magic = Elemental + Celestial. Having a magic weapon and being magical are two different things and unlike Hextech users their aren't enough champs like Riven to get their own category so she can languish down here. {{champion:35}} Beats me dude. {{champion:15}} Ordinary human with a Celestial bloodline wielding a very powerful Celestial weapon. Essentially another Riven as far as classification goes. {{champion:37}} Two schools of thought here: A.) Sound is an element and Sona wields it B.) The ethwahl is a spiriual instrument that Sona uses to manipulate the emotions of others so Spirit! i lean towards the second {{champion:517}} Sensory magic, Absorption magic and Petricite manipulation. i don't know which way to lean on this one. Elemental right? {{champion:48}} Had a bit of a debacle with the True Ice users. Their weapon gives them their powers, but Ashe quote "taps into the ancestral magics of her lineage to wield a bow of True Ice" should I make a True Ice category for Ashe, Sej and Trundle or just let them be Elemental? Let me know. {{champion:23}} Aatrox gave Tryndamere some kind of unconsious death evading power either hemomancy-based (Element+Spirit) or ascended celestial power... {{champion:4}} "was taught the MAGIC of the cards at an early age" one of the few bios that gives no indication whether its elemental, celestial or spiritual in nature. I would lean spirit because tarot cards or celestial because of the association with fate and all, but there is no way to be sure {{champion:143}} Finally, Zyra seems to be mostly elemental but some of the wording in her bio indicates that she is transferring the consioussness of her victims into her plants and that she herself was created in the same fashion. Hallmarks of spirit magic.
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