Project Bias

I wouldnt consider this years Project a failure. it would be unfair to rate champs i dont like as a failure. However Jinx and Akali (i like new akali)'s skins are just not as good as the rest. and even the legendary this year isnt as good as Warwick. Although tbh i adore the Warwick of modern era (vgu) thus I consider him one of the best champs design wise. But still some advice: for future skins for major skinlines, make sure the theme stays solid as this year's has been shaky. Warwick, Irelia and Pyke look like project. Akali had an awful color scheme and doesnt fit. Jinx is just..... anyways Im saying be more tactful and provide a steady flow of high quality events and skins (and bring back moving splash arts for the login screens) as you do most of the time. Look at Dark Cosmic Jhin. It was so good I was forced to start playing a new champion JUST for a skin. Every skin you release should wow us. Even non ult/legendary skins. I can name a large amount of Epic and below skins that wow me. The other thing: do not give skins to very outdated champs with awful design/animations as it highly decreases the skin's success. I am looking at you Udyr. That should have been Janna, or Ryze or someone with nicer design. I am rooting for you RIot. Art and story are the heart of this game. So I encourage your efforts, applaud your success and hope to see improvements. That said I know you are human and sometimes its trial by error. So I know that you will succeed. I hope others see it this way and are able to patient.
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