Blood Moon Skin Bios

Skin bios
Snowdown Showdown Bad Santa Veigar: Most Santas wish to bring joy and enchantment to children everywhere, but Veigar wants no such thing. His dark ambitions have grown beyond simply thwarting Snowdown-he schemes to throw the world into chaos, blotting out the holidays with his evil forever. Rein...
All written by Jared 'CarnivalKnights' Rosen and on PBE right now Blood Moon Aatrox- Ancient manuscripts tracking the orbit of the Blood Moon describe it not as celestial phenomenon, but as a cosmic womb. As the seasons grow shorter and the cult’s activity continues to increase, some worry it will give birth to a new kind of demon—a creature helping to bring about its own dark ascendance. Blood Moon Sivir - A newly anointed priestess of the Blood Moon cult, Sivir wields a weapon that is both a killing tool and a key to the hellish mirror world where all demons are born. Slowly but surely, it has merged her twinned selves, and now it is no longer clear where the human ends and the monster begins. Blood Moon Pyke - A demon spearfisher lurking within the darkness of the Blood Moon’s mirror dimension, Pyke casts his hooked blade across an endless, liquid night, dragging demons up from the bottom of the world and into their human hosts. Inexorably tied to the Blood Moon, Pyke's sudden appearance in Ionia is a dire omen indeed... Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox - Aatrox has been loosened upon the mortal plane. A creature born in the heart of the Blood Moon, he is the progenitor of all demons, and a malignant darkness that will consume the entire world.
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