Let's petition for a Skarner, Xerath, Morde, Rek'sai and Kalista skins for 2020

First let me elaborate. The ones that I've mentioned kindly got their skins 5 years ago. So I hope they'll get their turn to have their skins in 2020. However, let us petition with a twist! The Twist: We will let riot create only one skin line for them as a challenge so that it would not be not nerve racking like dunkmaster ivern, make their skin on time at the same time so less expectations and no cause of delay and no popular champs involved. I want riot to be challenged by this which is maybe is an experiment for us the community, to give us one of our wishes at least once, that no popular/cash grab skins involve in a patch. The skin line that I would suggest is the: Dark Star Skin line, this skin line is perfect for these 5 champs. Imagine them now. Morde's R in space, Kalista throwing comets, Reksai's portals is a space drift, skarner's mini game is a planet/star and the obvious that fits this is the one and only xerath. Ok, for the informative part to support my petition: Now that Zilean will receive his new skin after 4 years, he is now cleared/removed by my petition. So as its obvious, by my title, the ones that I've chosen is Skarner, Xerath, Mordekaiser, Rek'sai (Because their last skin was 2015 and they're the only ones left past 1500+ days without a skin. If you're wondering, even if morde got his VGU, that is not a reason for him to prolong his due for getting a skin and as for skarner, he is not due atm for a VGU also.) Lastly, as for Kalista, she needs justice because she only has 3 skins and among those 2 skins are Esports skins. PS: I know that RIOT can't make skins without a cash grab but please RIOT, just this once... Last PS: I'm also in the "Make an Orrn Skin Please" train however, there is a leak skin for him next year and I hope Taliyah would get a skin also. LAST LAST PS: I can post this in reddit because of the terms so please help me out with this one. 1 patch for 5 skins wouldn't hurt right? So Please help me with these guys. They need justice! Would it be awesome if they will make this skin with us like Illaoi and Tristana's vote a skin event. Let us get this to 200k votes! To let Riot know we want them to have skins. Thanks Link for the Petition: http://chng.it/TGcWgwKZSQ . Please help me, let us make a change.

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