Does Anybody Actually Like Demacia?

It feels like Riot's whole nuance approach worked wonders for Noxus, but it butchered Demacia. Its sad because they used to be the good guys and now they're these cult-ish bigots cowering behind a wall. Far as we know, they're racist because we aren't actually certain if they know Shyvana is half dragon. And, it gets worse because the map gives us enough information to infer that they have no intention of spreading their ideals or influence so whatever variation they have now, is as much as they're ever going to get {{champion:236}} . I mean, these guys are so fucking selfish it's unreal. Aside from Lux and Lucian, everyone is either too patriotic or an outright asshole. Hell, Vayne killed her teacher in cold blood.. Something has to give, Riot... I see Kayle and Morgana listed under Demacia, but I'm really hoping the narrative team do something about this. Demacia used to be awesome because they were the heroes. Surely we can find a silver lining somewhere? A sweet spot or something. Also, what happened to the commando skin line? Hello?? {{champion:78}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:102}} I'm so sick of Demacia being so unlikable. Leave comments guys, correct me if i'm wrong. Where are all the Demacia lovers at?
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