Zed's New Lore

~~Alright. This is uh... Well. Everyone knows Zed's old lore. Zed and Shen were rivals and the top of their class, Zed sought a way to beat Shen, used the shadows, was kicked out, yadda yadda came back, something happened in the temple, Zed killed his and Shen's master, Zed's order slaughters most of the students. It has a very specific timeline. According to this, Zed initially unlocked the shadows at a younger age. Now, here's the new lore.~~ ~~"Utterly ruthless and without mercy, Zed is the leader of the Order of Shadow, an organization he created with the intent of militarizing Ionia's martial arts traditions to drive out Noxian invaders. During the war, desperation led him to unlock the secret shadow form—a malevolent spirit magic as dangerous and corrupting as it is powerful. Zed has mastered all of these forbidden techniques to destroy anything he sees as a threat to his nation, or his new order."~~ ~~I have no qualms about him being a badass malevolent ninja. But I do take issue with the timeline.~~ ~~Zed established the Order while exiled, and made the Kinkou Temple his base of operations. This new lore suggests he established it DURING the Noxus/Ionia war. Also, the establishment of the Order itself in the old lore would have to be before or after the Noxian Invasion, as the Kinkou would be too busy to deal with Zed's return. Which also means that the events of Jhin/Zed/Shen/Kusho would have to also take place before or after the Invasion.~~ ~~Zed named it the Order of Shadow because he already unlocked MOST of the shadow power and needed to return to the temple to get the box and reach his full potential. This new lore suggests he unlocked the shadows AFTER the establishment of the Order, and DURING the war.~~ ~~_"Zed has mastered all of these forbidden techniques **to** destroy anything he sees as a threat to his nation, **or** his new order."_ This syntax insinuates that he unlocked the shadows as a last resort to protect his already established Order of Shadow.~~ ~~Now, this also conflicts with Jhin's lore, as he plays a HUGE fucking role in Zed's transformation from straight A student to the dude he was in his lore. Jhin's "art" is what traumatizes Zed in the first place, leading him down a dark path, eventually to the Shadows. How does this fit in now? The new lore insinuates that Zed unwillingly unlocked the shadows, considering the use of "desperation", which is usually used as a way to describe a last resort. This further insinuates that Zed shares the sentiments of Kusho, not wanting to use forbidden power. Whereas he initially had some doubts about it, as it was forbidden, but went ahead with it because he wanted Kusho's approval. So how does this work now? Zed seems to be his own entity here, not connected to Jhin or Shen. Why would he not be a part of the Kinkou here? What event took place that removed him from the scene? The original lore had him exiled because of the Shadows, but he now gains the shadows long after he branches off from the Kinkou.~~ ~~How would Kusho be impacted as well? Did Zed still kill Kusho? If so, why? Or if Kusho is actually alive here, then will Zed have a VO Update? Because his taunt towards Shen about being an orphan would be completely out of place.~~ ~~I understand that most of this may be explained in time, but as of what I've seen, I'm not a big fan of this new lore. His connection to the Kinkou was probably what made me relate to him, like, a lot. I related to his fall from a straight A to barely passing, I related to his angsty want for approval from a father figure, I felt for him when I read about his exile. And I understood why he'd be as edgy as he is now. As well as why he and Syndra as well as he and Kayn would get along together. They all felt that they weren't who they could be because of the restrictions imposed upon them by their superiors. This new lore paints him as the Ra's al Ghul of League instead of the Red Hood he was.~~ ~~If Riot retains SOME level of consistency in the timeline in the full story, then I'll be fine with this, but so far, everything looks fucked.~~ ~~But what do you guys think of the lore in the context of continuity? D'ya like the new approach or do you share my sentiments about retaining the initial timeline? Or do you simply just hate Zed and his old/new lore as a whole?~~ Edit: I HAVE NEW INFORMATION. According to Rioter WAAARGHbobo, here's some new information. You may find it near the bottom. I suggest upvoting him like an ideal citizen should. >So as the guy who did this, and Jhin’s lore... The character you love hasn’t changed. This simply expands the timeline and shows how Zed’s descent can be understood from his own perspective. This was timeline was actually done during Jhin, and the goal was to give Zed’s fall a slower, more human, less arch, trajectory. Timeline (rough from my phone): Shen and Zed are students together and bros. Zed is clearly the better, more talented student. Kusho takes the two young teenagers undercover chasing “the golden demon” Jhin crime scenes traumatized zed. (And shen) Zed begans to struggle with his studies. Kusho catches but refuses to kill Jhin. Zed loses respect for his master. Zed begins to study forbidden shadow magic. —gets in trouble. Leaves. Noxus invades —zed witness war crimes. Kusho’s refusal to help the war effort is the last straw, Zed is no longer sympathetic or allied to the kinkou. While not directly opposed to them— he begins to view the kinkou as rivals. Zed forms his own order— related to the Navoi militia group. (Spelling?) Some vastaya tribes looking for a better deal, ally with the Noxus. Others fight for Ionia. Zed begins hostility with non- humans. The war is tough, zed returns to the take the last of the shadow magic. Kusho tries to stop him. Zed kills his master, shen’s dad. Shen becomes the eye of twilight. Kayn. The war ends. Zed begins consolidating power. Trains kayn. (He continues hostility with noxus, growing hostility with many Vastaya tribes.) Harrowing mists begin to bother the southern Ionia sea ports. Kayn gets raaast (around here i think) Jhin is frees.... by someone Zed finds out jhin is free. contacts Shen. Jhin heads to zaun. And yes, more on for this story is coming... and it will be expanded in some new ways. (Its on my desk today in fact) I fucking love this. Ignore EVERYTHING else I'd said before. This pretty much explains most of the issues I had with the initial bio update. The wording really threw me off, and made me think it was a complete rewrite. It explains how exactly Zed was separated from the Kinkou, something that wasn't very well explained, as well as some other things. It even brings up something new! The Harrowing approaches Ionia, which does not bode well. Perhaps another Zed/Shen teamup? While searching for Jhin, who is now on his way to Zaun of all places (hm... perhaps he seeks out Urgot? Maybe Viktor?), they come upon the Mists.
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