Why I'm slightly disappointed with the Ahri skin.

We all know that Ahri is one of the dozen or so champs that get a lot of skins, so her getting one doesn't bother me. She seems to get the most flak for it though so can't we pile on to Yi, Ez, or TF for a change? However I am a little disappointed riot made her skin for the year this particular theme. People have wanted pool party Ahri for awhile. People have wanted Christmas themed Ahri skin for awhile... m'Ahri christmas. People have watned halloween skin S'Arhi. People have wanted french maid Ahri. People have wanted a japanese themed Ahri skin where she's wearing one of those fox masks. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I mean the new skin looks okay. The crystal tails are a question mark for me. I'm going to complain in advance about her **LIGHT** ball casting a shadow because rito's artists and modelers have no bloody idea how light works. However the backlog of requested Ahri skins is so large and you can't even add any ideas to that list without getting grief and downvotes from the haters that not trying to chip away of that backlog with every other skin release feels like a wasted opportunity if you don't knock the skin out of the park. I mean I'm sure at least some people have asked for Ahri in leather pants so I'm not going to complain too much. Hurray for leather pants ahri. However it seems like whenever a new one comes out, half the time I'm asking myself why did riot choose that theme of all the options available.

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