Two sisters and a wolf [Lore theory about Jinx, Vi, and Warwick]

Hello everyone, Vi's biography got slightly updated and additionally I got to hear some VO's, which made me write a new lore theory about the connection of some of our beloved Zaunites. Let's dive into it. ________________________ **What we know** {{champion:254}} Vi actually does not remember her early childhood, nothing about her parents either and she accepted that some things are better left in the dark (I disagree, hence this whole thread here). She grew up in an orphanage and a guy told her that he found her in a bassinet big enough for two in the ruins of something that seemed to be a chemtech laboratory before. She used to hang out with the gangs in Zaun for some time, becoming a criminal in the process. Time went by and she actually became the leader of her own gang, later she befriended the owner of a bar, who had a big impact on her. He reinforced her moral code, as well as teaching her how to fight with discipline. Additionally, there is a quote from Camille towards Vi referring to her past: - "Ever wonder how you became an orphan?" {{champion:222}} No one knows where she came from, some just remember a young girl who was a talented tinkerer in the past. She went insane and this is most likely caused by some traumatic event in her past, a quote from Swain says "faces in the flames.... it was all her fault", this most likely is referring to the event that made her mind snap. She also seems overly fixated on Vi. {{champion:19}} He used to be a criminal in his past. Something caused a change of heart in him and he wanted to become an honest man, but later he got kidnapped by Singed and experimented on to turn him into the beast we know today. There are sme fragments of his past we know of: - a young girl screaming a name - blood - quote towards Jinx "you were there" and "let me forget!" - quote towards Vi "The fear in your eyes, I've seen it before" and "Who taught you how to punch?" - quote from Swain towards Warwick "She was closer than he realised" _______________________________ **The story** Jinx and Vi were the daughters of some famous chemtech engineers in Zaun. Young Jinx, who was known to be a talented tinkerer, seemed to inherit their knowledge about technology. However, their parents research drew the attention of someone who considered them a threat for the balance of the two cities, Zaun and Piltover. Chembarons are not allowed to gather too much power, so Camille had to intervent here. She didn't get her legs dirty herself, instead she hired a Zaunite criminal to do the job in her place. This criminal was Warwick. Warwick broke into the chemtech laboratory of Jinx' and Vi's parents and most likely killed them in the process. But there have been witnesses. Jinx and Vi were most likely there, too. There has been an event in Warwick's life that made him turn his back on crimes, he wanted to become an honest man. It is one thing to kill an adult. But doing it in front of 2 really young girls, leaving them as orphans in Zaun.... I think this could change a man. Either Jinx or Vi was shouting the name of their sipling or the name of their parents, we don't know. But it explains why Warwick remembers the screams of a young girl from his past. And that he says he has seen the fear in Vi's eyes before. Most likely, the screaming girl was Jinx. Seeing her dead parents made her mind snap, she went insane and since she is quite a crafty girl, I can imagine that she blew up the whole place. Hence why Vi was found in the ruins of something that looked like a chemtech laboratory. A slightly different explanation is that Warwick didn't kill their parents, just threatened him. And Jinx blew up the whole place in an attempt to fight him back. Either way, the explosion had probably huge effects. People dying in their houses, faces in the flames.... Which made her trauma even worse. But it doesn't end here. Years later, Warwick became an honest man. I could imagine that he started his own business, a bar perhaps. And he could have encountered a grown up Vi there. The owner of a bar tried to fix her moral compass, he taught her how to fight with discipline and how to control her anger. He tried to make her stop her criminal career... this sounds like something Warwick, an ex-criminal, would do. He tried to fix his mistakes from the past, by preventing other people to repeat them. Swain has a quote towards Warwick, "she was closer than he realised". Warwick wanted redemption for his former sins, maybe he was looking for the girls he had left that fateful day in the ruins. And Vi has been there, right in front of him, in his bar. And he never knew. And he most likely forgot that he even taught Vi how to fight during Singed's cruel experiments, but he still recognises her fighting style, hence why he says to her "Who taught you how to punch?". __________________________________ What do you guys think? Could have been like that? Are there some details I am missing? ______________________ Big part of the credit for this theory goes to KestrelGirl.
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