The Champions in the 1000 day club who missed out...

Firstly, I appreciate that RIOT over the last few years have attempted to make skins for those who have missed out, even if the final results in some cases have been hit or miss. So recently they announced the next massive list of "unpopular" champions they are making skins for. As a quick reminder this was the list: {{champion:72}}, {{champion:101}}, {{champion:82}}, {{champion:203}}, {{champion:421}}, {{champion:161}}, {{champion:30}}, {{champion:14}}, {{champion:29}}, {{champion:44}}, {{champion:80}}, {{champion:111}}, {{champion:48}}, {{champion:432}}, {{champion:516}}, and {{champion:163}}. I am super happy for the champs on this list, I am personally a big Rek'Sai player so super hyped to see whatever skin she gets. My one hope is that they spend time thinking what skins would be good for the champion, instead of thinking "we need to make them skins where can we fit them?" EDIT: I forgot {{champion:143}} was announced in champions receiving a prestige skin in the first half of the year, so yay for Zyra. Moving on, there will always be champions who miss out so I was interested to look at those in the 1000 day club who missed out this time around and maybe discuss why that may be. Looking at champs not on the list getting skins who are in the 1000 day club we have: {{champion:102}}, {{champion:429}}, {{champion:57}}, {{champion:268}}, {{champion:133}}, {{champion:85}}, and an honourable mention to {{champion:154}} who is at 932 with his last skin as SKT. EDIT: removed {{champion:61}} as the spreadsheet had the date for darkstar not victorious, so my bad for not catching that one. Thanks Zyniya for spotting it. Lets dig in. {{champion:102}}(1337 days since) - I can understand why Shyvana missed out, she is definitely well overdue but we know she is high priority for a VGU which is the same reason champions like Mordekaiser, Urgot and Yorick went so long without skins so no real mystery here. {{champion:429}}(1253 days since) - Okay this is my pick for most unfortunate exclusion. This champion has only received legacy esports skins since her release 1890 days ago (yup go check, she has one skin in the shop), her most recent being an SKT skin and she has never received a 'high quality skin' (worth more than 975). People say RIOT forgets Taliyah, but Kalista has it way worse imo, and honestly I do not understand this one. PLEASE RIOT MAKE HER A SKIN. {{champion:57}}(1171 days since) - Another Shadow Isles champion who can't catch a break in the skins department. Maokai had a mini rework including a completely reworked ult which I can understand putting skins on the backburner, also comparing him to the champions on the list I can see why he might have missed out. Still, hopefully he gets a cool skin like coven/elderwood next year. {{champion:268}}(1099 days since) - Azir is a super niche champ, and I can imagine skins taking a lot of work for him due to his sand soldiers. That and his time spent receiving mini reworks means there is no real surprise he was looked over this time. Still he is one of my most played and I can't wait for him to get his next skin as a lot of his current skins do not resonate with me. {{champion:133}}(1085 days since) - So this is an interesting one for me. She is a female human character with a ton of fan concepts to work with, RIOTs bread and butter, and similarly to Kalista she is the only other champion on this list who has never had a 'high quality skin'. Admittedly her unique playstyle made her a niche champ but her popularity has been increasing in recent years. There are a couple of reasons why the original duo could have been looked over though. Firstly she also spent some time with mini reworks, after her poorly received marksman update. Also her last skin release was a bit of a mess. Her heartseeker skin was met with a lot of backlash from the community, mostly due to some execution issues and a limited scope which failed to fulfil the thematic objective, causing a series of rushed changes on the PBE. Point is after an experience like that for the skins team, I can see why they would be shy on pulling the trigger. If that is the case though it is a shame, as although the Quinn main community is a small, passionate and sometimes daunting group, they are generally well intentioned. {{champion:85}}(1029 days since) - I am not too sure why he has fallen so far down the chain. Pikachu had a VFX update a little while ago but beyond that nothing really sticks out. Either way it is hard to say he is more deserving than most the champions who made the list but hopefully he will get something next year.
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