Voli/Fiddle VGU

Is there any word on the release of Fiddle and Voli? I know that Fiddle is slated to be released before Volibear, but given the current releases shouldn't Fiddle be coming out sometime later this year, rather than 2020? I'm not sure how the double rework will effect whether or not they still both come out in 2020 or if Fiddle will be late 2019, but just given that there is the new marksmen being worked on ATM (who very well may come out in the next two or so patches, depending on if that splash art leaked on S@20 was the marksmen) but is there just going to be a large gap between the marksman and preseason, or is it more likely that Volibear comes out around the same time as Kayle did this year (Feb-March) and Fiddle comes out around the time Neeko did (Nov-Dec)?
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