Varus being CHANGED to Gay feels wrong for his character

BEFORE PEOPLE GET IN A TIZZY THINKING IM HOMOPHOBIC. DON'T PLAY THAT CARD, LET ME EXPLAIN. Varus's story is BASED on the fact that he lost his family, his wife and his child. Him having a wife and a child was based on how he gained his ability's. It showed the distance he would go to avenge his family, that was his whole purpose. Changing him to being gay completely throws characters away from being canon. Your throwing away his wife, and his child. This just does not feel right. It feels like Riot sat down and was like "hey we need a gay character to show diversity. Let's just change one of our character's back story COMPLETELY and make him gay! Fixed!" Now, if this was a character like, let's be stereo typical, Vi. If she was announced as gay, I would have no problem with it, why? because nothing in her story or lore is based on her sexuality or her choices. If Ryze was announced gay, whatever, he is a protector of a scroll, what does his sexuality have to do with that? Nothing. But Varus's original story was based on the fact that he lost his wife and child. The depths that he would go to avenge them. Your throwing those characters out for diversity reasons? why couldn't they just release a new champion with Varus's new story? Why did they have to take an established character that no one asked to be changed and just rewrite his story? Because reasons? I get that they wanted to make him a Darkin, but why could they not just go "He lost his family so he gave himself to a darkin so that he could have the power to avenge them" Simple, easily done. (braces for public impact and people not reading full post and getting angry) EDIT: I understand the Varus (the darkin) is not Gay, but the people that inhabit him are. It STILL doesn't change the fact that we are tossing away characters for the sake of "We need a more diverse cast of characters" EDIT #2: Some people just CANNOT get it through their heads so let my clarify it again. Varus's Old lore was based on the fact that he had a wife and child. They were killed, driving him to gain powers to avenge them. That Varus is now COMPLETELY dead. It was not adjusted or changed. It's been thrown out the window, in a wood chipper and blasted into a fire. Not even the same character anymore. Him being straight was apart of his lore and his defining reason of gaining powers. Why would you take one of the few champions in league that SPECIFY'S that he straight (and it's one of the bases of his character) and retcon him to being gay and throwing out what meant the most to him? They could have simply fleshed out a character where their sexuality means nothing to their story and mentioned "Hey, they are X" and (other then real homophobes) no one would have cared. Varus was the vengeful husband. A moral grey area that people could relate to. Now he's a murderous machine with 2 gay lovers trying to stop him internally, with the vengeful thought of "kill all humans"
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