Sylas; a revolutionary, an anarchist or a maniac?

I haven't read his bio, just his special interactions and a summary of his bio. What I recognized is, he doesn't have any allies, nor considers anyone as his, apart from his good willed liberator maybe. It feels like he is fighting against everyone and everything, but doesn't really provide any concrete solution from his side. "A world with no kings or peasants." - is what he says, which sounds pretty much like anarchy, but that's about it. No further explanations or ideas. Considering that he doesn't show any signs of morals and does a agitation against the current systems, this might be no more than a catch phrase to get followers. In the end when he achieved everything, he'll just continue to sit on his throne, like a king of barbarians, which would defeat the purpose of anarchy, because unlike Brand, he is human and anarchy will certainly not be his final motivation, so what is? Is he just spitefully/mindlessly destroying everything that held him in chains like a maniac or does he have an actual plan for a fairer world. Because for me it sadly doesn't really seem so. And that would be a lot of wasted power on a single individual. ######Not forgetting he is capable of reaching the hidden World Runes with Ryze's powers.
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