Darkin Invasion in Freljord

#####**_~~Intro~~_** I am back again to discuss something that has been very intriguing to me. I love finding little clues in stories and trying to put them together to form a bigger picture. This time I am eager to discuss to what degree did the darkin invade Freljord and what Lissandra knew about it. They have been very active around Shurima and Valoran after Shurimas fall, so looking at their activity specifically in Freljord, a place of such extremes compared to where they came from, will be interesting. Thinking about the Freljord as a very dangerous place, I do wonder how the darkin managed to ravage the place and somehow none seemed to have reached the Frostguard (or did they?). As with most of my threads, this will be based on clues and me speculating as to what happened. If you have any questions or if you can add anything to the topic, feel free to do so below. Special thanks to **Taco** and **Fasmodey** for helping me out! https://i.imgur.com/o46Bo0L.jpg[] #**_~~Discussion~~_** Starting off I will mention that darkin invasion in Freljord was an event. Varus story for one already confirms him being in Valoran when he was imprisoned because the golden- queen herself is from Valoran. The second material we have is from Leblanc's bio where it states that the north was attacked. >-Eventually, Varus was cornered by vastayan moon-stalkers and human mages in service of a golden-armored warrior **queen of Valoran**. They bound him within his bow, leaving him to howl in impotent rage. By then, the raw, corrupting influence of the darkin was known, and yet still the queen chose to wield the deadly weapon in the final days of the war, gladly sacrificing herself for a greater victory. In the months that followed, the queen carried Varus to the First Lands—those that would later be known as Ionia. >-Though they do not often learn the origins of their matron, many have uncovered legends of a pale sorceress who aided the broken barbarian tribes, in their struggle against the infamous Iron Revenant subjugating lands **already ravaged by the darkin**. This is a big clue that subliminally draws the attention of the darkin being in other lands besides just Shurima. Now in the times when the invasion occured, Demacia and Noxus did not yet exist as they are no older than a thousand years and the darkin were on the loose since Shurima fell about 3000 years aog up until about 2000 years ago when they were imprisoned. So this paints a picture of darkins not having too much resistance when it comes to reaching the freljord since no big factions, that could have served as obstacles and buffers for the freljord, existed at that time. This leaves some scattered, smaller nations or just tribes in between the Freljord and Shurima. As a side note, I don't think that this had lissandra sweating bullets, tho I wonder why... https://i.imgur.com/Wpgzxxi.png[] Looking specifically at Cebotaru, he had his own "battle hosts" which seem to be armies of human soldiers serving him in battles. It looks lie Cebotaru and his army were one of the darkins that visited the Freljord. The mission for all of them seems to have been just killing the population there and the actual reign did not spark a huge interest albeit it would have been hard when the darkins are fighting each other and the freljordian population were not having any of it. I will say most of the freljordians must have been slaughtered anyway without much to say. A huge question this does bring up tho is if the people of freljord who did wish to escape the darkins, did they leave to the frostguard? We know that Lissandras domain survived the darkin. It could have been the case that Cebotaru did not go and ravage from the eastern sea to the western sea so Lissandra's territory could have been spared unintenionally. >-Cebotaru the Wolf paced back and forth, impatient to be done with this conclave. His battle-hosts ravaged the far north, and the lands over the western seas. >-Cebotaru snarled and hauled Ta’anari to his feet. The Wolf’s physique was slender, yet monstrously powerful and wrought with four sinewy, grey-furred arms curled into clawed fists. While we can say that the darkin did not have too much of a challenge conquering the freljord, it is worth to point out that Cebotaru was not just any darkin as he must have been one of the stronger ones. His strength along with his authority over the armies made it even easier to reach the freljord. If we look at the rest of the darkin, there must have been dozens who were ravaging across Valoran. Most of them could not be stopped as there seemed to have been very few forces powerful enough. This begs the question what happened to them in freljord? They can die when hit hard enough however, there is barely anyone there to hit them hard enough, except Lissandra... We can say that due to their culture and behavior, they did kill and haunt each other contantly so that did bring their numbers down by a great amount. Some of the darkin survived and continued their killing spree north. My main question here is what did Lissandra do seeing all that killing? How come the darkin did not take the Frostguard down? I guess if one was to invade there she could potentially deal with it herself, but how about two or even three darkin at once? There must have been something happening for their bloodlust to stop them from entering or coming near the Frostguard. We all know that Lissandra has her own motives so what would she have done if some freljordians were to seek refuge with her? https://i.imgur.com/Wpgzxxi.png[] Entering the freljord was not all that hard for them when it comes to iceborn being the sole defense. We have to consider the demigods here. Ornn is not bothered by much so unless Darkin were literally knocking on his door, he would not lift a finger but I realize some of you may disagree on that. If we look at Volibear we could definitely say that he would be actively trying to fight them however, the pact the ursine made with the Frostguard alienated them away from main land so Volibear noticing much would be less likely but not impossible. Anivia is definitely the demigod to protect the Freljord fiercely with all her might. Her fighting the darkin is a possiblity especially again if we look at how unharmed the Frostguard seems to have been, taking all the attention away form Lissandra and onto herself (unintentionally most likely). The issue here is, what if Anivia was in her egg form and did not witness anything? For the sake of the argument and the issue I am trying to get at, let us assume that Volibear was away from the main land and that Ornn was unbothered and that Anivia was in her egg. We can also assume that Volibear and Ornn were not present in their actual, material form. https://i.imgur.com/Wpgzxxi.png[] So this does leave us with Lissandra as the only powerful enough being, who can protect at least a part of the north. If we do assume that the darkin reached the citadel, we can also assume that a battle must have gone down. Lissandra would never allow anyone to enter her domain forcefully. A darkin fighting Lissandra is entirely possible. This would mean that over the hundreds of years between the fall of shurima and the imprisonment of other darkin, she must have fought quite a few of them. Is this possible? We know that she is incredibly powerful but can she withstand that many assaults on the citadel? Did she just freeze them? Another possibility would be that she somehow held them away from the Frostguard. This would maybe be by battleing them far away or if she can manipulate the weather, she could have conjured incredibly low temperatures around her domain. Darkins could have been weakened by the environment and Lissandra can only thrive in such situations where the cold is empowering to her but damaging to her opponent. From Yuumis story we also know that there is evil spirits in the freljord so they could potentially be of help directly or indirectly. The trolls could also have helped diminish the numbers of darkin. ######**_~~Conclusion~~_** This leaves me with the question of how she dealt with them and what did she truly think of their race. Did they come to invade her territory simply for bloodshed and is it possible that she used some of them? I wish we would have more information on this even if it is just a bit! Lissandra knows so much especially when it comes to Valoran and I would love it if we could find out more. PS. We still do not know what these are: https://i.imgur.com/PGgtb1x.jpg[]
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