The human born with the powers of a god - Syndra, the Dark Sovereign

**_A legion couldn’t stop me. What chance do you have?_** _______________________________________________ Hi everyone! I think I don’t have to introduce myself anymore, pretty sure everyone knows I’m this weird Syndra fanboy who posts on the boards every now and then. Today I’d like to present a breakthrough of the character (big thanks to d00mface for letting me use her [own thread]( as an inspiration. I had a lot of struggle coming with a name for Syndra’s archetype… The trope would fit something like “human born with the powers of a god” (not as in, literal god, but you get the image) I guess. So, if anyone has any good name for it, you’re more than welcome! Now without further ado, let’s get into it… ___________________________________________ ######**_~~Themes~~_** So, to kick off, let’s start with Syndra’s themes! _**~~Potential~~**_ **_My potential is limitless!_** One of Syndra core themes has always been her incredible magical potential. She was born with a tremendous amount of power, and this power has yet to reach its true potential. One of Syndra’s thematic was to push her power to its limit and beyond it, as represented in game with her passive and her quotes. While nothing straightforwardly says that this is still part of her current character, I’d like to quote these parts of her bio – > However, Syndra grew frustrated as, instead of gaining more control, over the years her magic seemed to weaken. Konigen now locked himself away each morning, meditating in solitude rather than teaching her anything new, and so she confronted him. _______________________________________________ > She felt more betrayed than she ever had before. Konigen tried to calm her, which only fueled her anger… and in that moment, his focus was lost. The foundations of the temple shook. The morning light seemed to pale. Syndra rose from the floor, as her frustrations surged within her. The fact that she was frustrated not to gain more control, as well as the fact that kind of went berserk at the temple after learning that she was being stripped of her powers make me think that she still wants to develop that power of hers to its fullest. _**~~Volatile emotions and raw power~~**_ **_And they say I lack balance? Ha!_** While this is not a theme proper to Syndra, I’d still like to talk about it. In a lot of works of fiction, emotions are linked to power, either as a trigger, or a buff, etc. Syndra’s new lore revolves a lot around her emotional issues – just look at the lexical field of emotions present in her bio, and you’ll see how important it is. Her power is intricately linked to her emotions, most particularly her anger. > Syndra could no longer control her emotions. All her anger erupted from deep within her, in the form of darkly shining magical orbs, heavy with the weight of her anguish. ______________________________________________ > Such negativity had a strange, unpredictable effect on reality Anger is a volatile emotion, and it makes her magic dangerous and unpredictable. It doesn’t make her magic inherently bad, but it does make her a dangerous threat, both for everything around her, and herself. _**~~The danger of marginalization~~**_ **_People fear what they cannot understand!_** While I don’t have much to say about it, I think it’s important enough to be mentioned. Syndra is a good representation of the danger of marginalization. During her youth, she was disregarded by her family. She was even bullied by her brother, which triggered her powers. After that, her own master dampened her powers, unbeknownst to her and thus against her will. When she realized that, she fought back, only to be stopped by the very Spirit of Ionia itself. I am not saying who was right and who was wrong – let’s be clear. But it is undeniable that Syndra was never given a chance. She tried her best, only to be betrayed. Does that excuse the fact that she killed her master? No. However, the fact that she is now really pissed at Ionia comes from the fact that they always held her back. Because she was marginalized by the Ionian society (okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get the point), she has become a threat to them. Were they right to fear her and reject her, or were they wrong to do so? Would you say she became what they feared, or did they push her into that corner? That’s up to interpretation, I guess! ######**_~~Appearance~~_** Syndra looks like a normal girl with an arguably disgusting outfit, so there isn’t much to say about her appearance, but let’s see… First of all, one of the most interesting things about Syndra is that horned-like crown. Originally, it represented some sort of rejection of the traditional Mantle of Decorum. While it doesn’t really have that meaning anymore, it is interesting to have it because its shape gives this vibe of greatness. It shows that she is above the others, she _is_ the Dark Sovereign. While there is not much else to say, there are still a few details that I’d like to mention. • Her eyes are glowing. It’s pretty common to have powerful characters’ eyes burning with power, as seen here – • The position she’s in is a position of power – seen from below, her hands writhed in dark energy, arms open, fingers folded back a bit, hair floating… Basically, _**~~Everything about her screams power.~~**_ Apart from her outfit, but that’s another matter that I will not be discussing today. ######**_~~Characterization~~_** Syndra is a character filled with anger and resentment. Ever since she was little, she was always rejected. First by her family, then her master, and finally by the land itself. All this led Syndra on a path where she seemingly hates Ionia and its people, pushing her to kill a man who claimed she should join Ionia, and even going as far as to say she should perhaps owe thanks to Noxus. What is interesting about Syndra is that she hasn’t always hated Ionia. Actually, she loved the land and its wonders. After all the events that happened to her up to [The Dreaming Pool](, she is angry at Ionia for what they did to her. Is she bound to hate Ionia, or does she still love that land, deep down? She feels betrayed, and no one, as far as she is concerned, never showed her much love. But you could argue she never met a lot of people – what would happen if she met people who were to accept her? I don’t think Syndra is necessarily bound to be a villain. She doesn’t have to be a righteous, benevolent hero (and I don’t want her to be), but as of now, she’s still on a path where she can grow and learn. All she needs is [someone who will see beyond her fearful powers]( ######**_~~Comparisons/Inspiration~~_** _**~~Dark Phoenix~~**_ I don’t think there’s much to say about this comparison, as it seems pretty obvious to me. Incredible power driven by emotions, dangerous for everyone and themselves… What is there to say really? _**~~Sindel~~**_ Many people may not be familiar with Sindel, it’s a character from Mortal Kombat. Most of Syndra’s appearance is based on her, I think. They even share that hypersexualized outfit! _**~~Raven~~**_ I can’t say much about Raven as I am not really familiar with DC’s universe, but I have noted a few similarities between the two, such as super-powered women with powers linked to emotions. Raven was even taught to control her emotions so that she could supress/control her demonic powers. ######**_~~Powers~~_** My favourite part. Being one of the most powerful human mages that we know of, Syndra has her fair share of powers. On our dear RyzeTheSmurfMage’s advice, I’ll set a lil’ list before going deeper into it. _**~~Dark Spheres~~**_ Syndra’s signature ability, the Dark Spheres. Creating them makes a very unpleasant sucking sound, and casting them through someone’s body is apparently deadly, probably destroying one’s soul and/or magic. They apparently suck the ambient light? > With a horrible, sucking sound, three orbs of utter darkness materialised in the air around Syndra, and began to slowly orbit her. They seemed to swallow the scant light in the cavern __________________________________________________ > With a flick of her wrist, Syndra sent the orb hurtling toward, then through, her brother. He gasped, all the color draining from his flesh, and sank beneath the waters. _**~~Telekinesis~~**_ Syndra’s most powerful ability as of now, her telekinesis. She has shown that she’s capable of lifting people, but even objects. She was able to lift both her fortress _and_ a Noxian warship at the same time. There’s also the fact that she’s flying away with her fortress, meaning that she has enough power to sustain her fortress in the air. > With a sharp intake of air, she realized she was looking at the silhouette of the greatest towers and ramparts hanging against the night sky. It hadn’t collapsed into the sea—it had been ripped from the island, and lifted toward the heavens. _________________________________________________ > As Sirik watched, frozen by the sight, she saw one of the Noxian warships moored in the harbor below lifted from the sea. Men tumbled from its deck like so many ants, falling to their deaths on the rocks below, as the ship was lifted ever higher. _**~~Magical Aura~~**_ I had no idea how to name that one, but Syndra is powerful enough that her magic can be felt by those around her. It is even said that her power bleeds from her in waves. > A bead of pure shadow formed at its center, becoming as hard as a gemstone, and burning with the same power that bled from her in waves. _**~~Magical Fallout~~**_ Syndra is a walking nuclear disaster. Her magic, for some unknown reason, leaves a magical fallout around her, poisoning the Spirit Magic. > It flared with volatile strength, the orbs like pearls of negativity that leached the spirit magic from the world around her, draining the ghost-willow of its life essence. _**~~The weird ones~~**_ She apparently has the power to see through one’s soul (whatever that means), and she can also create objects out of nowhere. > As Sirik watched, both horrified and fascinated, a helm—or perhaps a crown—grew into existence upon Syndra’s head. _________________________________________ > “You…” said Syndra, tilting her head to the side, as if trying to place him. “I recognize your soul. You shadowed my dreams.” _**~~Conclusion~~**_ So we don’t know much about Syndra’s powers, their origins, what they do exactly, etc… I like to imagine her powers are somewhat similar to comics’ Scarlet Witch, but there’s no real clue about her powers, apart from the fact that they seem to have an effect on reality and that they are linked to her emotions. ######**_~~Conclusion~~_** So that was it. There’s not much value to this thread, I just wanted to review a few things about Syndra, maybe people will find interest in her reading this. Anyway let me know what you think, did I miss anything, is there something that I should have talked about more, etc…
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