How Hard is it to Create an Animation?

BEFORE ANYONE STARTS RANTING ABOUT HOW I'M DISCREDITING ANIMATORS,** I AM NOT**. I'm doing a school project where we have to debunk a belief by the general public, which in this case, is that animating is 'easy'. NO, IT'S FREAKING NOT. Besides, I really want to know what it's like to animate a video in League of Legends. From the rough, pencil-sketch cell animation of 'Lux: Binding Light' to the hand-painted, fairy-tale-like animations from 'ANNIE: Origins', the animators in Riot are what I call "the insane geniuses of animation." So if you want to show your appreciation for animation and help a student understand the intricacies of animation (please, I don't know where else to contact the people that create LOL animations and not every League video has a behind-the-scenes video that shows how they do animations), then post something down here. I guess. Yeah. >U<
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