Void Darkin?

So, I saw a question in the boards that intrigued me. I know we are missing a few of the Darkin, I don't remember the exact number of known Darkin, but we have at least 3 now. Aatrox, who basically consumes his host as soon as they lay hands on his blade and we all know as the best support ever (okay maybe only I know that), Varus, who seems to be a bit weaker in terms of will power considering the two souls that he consumed seem to resist him some, though that could be just due to a difference of how he works compared to Aatrox, and Kayn/Rhaast who share a very Venom-like symbiosis. Now the question is, what if one of the Darkin managed to find its way to the Void? Would the Darkin be changed by the Void? Something like a Carnage to Kayn/Rhaast's Venom? Or would the Darkin be able to harness the void and act without a host?
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