If a tabard won't work with Kayle...why not a belt?

Taken from Riot August's stream when he spoke about Kayle: >The loincloth is also NOT happening because clipping it in the model is hell. Judgement Kayle used to have an animated loincloth in the earlier stages of the rework but it was generating a lot of issues so they scrapped it. So I can understand this not working. Fine. No problem. That said, the Kayle problem still exists where the her stomach and lower body are unarmored. it's also where the body suit is most relevant. In that case...why not give her some sort of belt? * A belt can be easily viewable from the front and even back, provided it's ornate enough and/or nice enough. * It can tie together her armor as one cohesive piece. * Can be huge, gaudy and sharp to accent the rest of her armor or less gaudy to better fit her body, thus more practical. * Can be another piece for other skins to use to differentiate themselves OR just another piece for her base skin alone. I'm not so hardcore about it that I'll die on a hill for it (and the updated splash looks much better in the chest area) but I still think the midriff area is probably the most problematic thing about new Kayle. Again, can understand that a tabard doesn't work but a belt shouldn't result in TOO much clipping, if any. Especially because, y'know, she ain't got nothing there.
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