How to find answer to useless lore questions?

Hello, I have a lot of lore questions that aren't satisfied by the small amount of stories that add mysteries over mysteries. Like "What did the darkins (those we know about, Aatrox, Rhaast and Varus) looked like when they were only transcended?" (I would go for Aatrox as a bat, Rhaast as a bull and Varus as somekind of goat) These are... not very vital questions (but not to me !) and I can't hope to see these answered anytime soon. But it must have an answer, you can't say "Yeah suddenly Darkin are corrupted transcended" without a thought of what they were during their greatest time. They might even not have the same name back then. So much questions ! So I would like to know if there is authors that are keen to answers these kind of questions, or if it is a taboo of some sort. Here is some random questions I have, maybe some of them have been answered (in this case throw a link to my face) What does the name of each voidborn means? We got a while ago a not about the name of Vel'Koz said to mean "Understand by destroying" (I don't have the exact english translation~) and its name came from the Icathian language. So I came to think that all voidborn names had a meaning in Icathian tongue. Quite recently we had the signification of Kha'Zix name which is "Facing Yourself". Name given by the Rengar's tribe (" Kilash" tribe?) which is known to live in Shurima, so their tongue could look like Icathian without problem I guess. So what does Cho'Gath, Rek'Sai and Kog'Maw significate? 2) (Void again) How many of each voidborn exist? We know that Vel'Koz is the first of the watchers, so that, even if he's the most ancient one, he isn't unique. Same thing for Rek'Sai which is the queen of the Xer'Sai. Can we ask ourselves if there is different version of Cho'Gat for example? 3) What the hell Ryze??? (LUX COMIC SPOILER) In Ryze cinematic we see him hide 4 world rune in the root of a petricite tree. Later in Lux's comics we learn that petricite doesn't erase magic but absorbs and STOCKS IT. According of the power of the world rune, does Sylas could make Demacia explode if he would walk into these woods? This one is a bit far-fetched but hey. 4) LUX COMIC SPOILER (Again) The Lux's comics was super cool and added a lot of depth to the Marie Sue's of Demacia. And the writer kept the death of the death of the king kinda casual. We know he didn't die from the hand of Sylas himself, so who killed the king? One of the mage rebels? Seriously, we don't know the name of the person who killed the FREAKIN' KING OF DEMACIA without a trace of blood and behind a closed door ?! 5) Who are the stars Ahri hold in her hands? I mean, there is a blue, a green, and a yellow star-stone. I'm not sure but these things gives the impression of something really important, to me it's the essence of deceased star guardians. But eeehhhhh…? The three partners Ahri lost doesn't match these stars. I mean… well the Green one could be Rakan (even so he seems to have kept his essence as we can see in its skin recall) and none of Xayah and Neeko are blue. Kof, and Neeko isn't even dead. If we go a little bit further (and far fetched), we could say that the yellow one is Neeko in her prestige form (and she lost her essence and regressed to a weaker form...?) And maybe, maaaaybe since Rakan still have his star, the green one is Xayah's. And the blue one is Zoe's before she got corrupted? Be she… seems to be a real meanie. Well it's not making so much sense but I haven't found anything better. Well, I have been long enough, I still have a thousand questions. If you could just tell me where are the answers or who I have to kidnap to get them it will be great. Otherwise I would be happy to discuss theory !
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