List of missing bios and color stories

Hi everyone! With the lovely LordRedStoneNr1, we've tracked down every missing bios and color stories on Universe!_** So basically, we're missing 36 bios, and 41 color stories**_. Bear in mind that some champions have stories that aren't categorized as color stories (Yasuo, apparently, doesn't have a color story. If you're not sure, just check the URL and it'll be written color stories (apart from Ahri and Wukong who only show "color" but I guess it's the same?)). For example, The Dreaming Pool is _not_ Syndra's color story, meaning that she still needs one (as we were told that every champion would eventually have one). The point of this thread is to show how many bios and color stories are missing, as well as to show which champs need some. I think that by the end of the year, all champions will have an updated bio (with the regular releases every 2/3 weeks, plus with the releases that come along new champs/VGU). Hopefully, all will have a color story too, but I'm not too confident about that, as some champions don't have priority (even though I'd love a Syndra color story, I would understand if she doesn't get anything this year, as she appears in The Dreaming Pool). Now, if you're interested in the details... Here it is: [champion]: [name of the color story], [state of their bio] * Bandle: 1 / 6 fully updated, 5 missing bios, 4 missing color stories Corki: none, Bio not updated Lulu: none, Bio not updated Rumble: none, Bio not updated Teemo: none, Bio not updated Tristana: A quiet night, Bio not updated Veigar: The True and Ghastly Tale of the Beast of Boleham Tower, Bio updated * Bilgewater: 7/7 fully updated (!) Gangplank: Blood in the Water, Bio updated Graves: One Last Shot, Bio updated Illaoi: The Burden, Bio updated Miss Fortune: Down among the Dead Men, Bio updated Nautilus: The Ophidian, Bio updated Pyke: Then, Teeth, Bio updated Twisted Fate: Double Down, Bio updated * Demacia: 10/15 fully updated, 5 missing bio, 4 missing color stories Fiora: A Matter of Honor, Bio updated Galio: A Hero wakes, Bio updated Garen: The Soldier and the Hag, Bio updated Jarvan IV: Ivory, Ebony, Jasper, Bio updated Kayle: none, Bio not updated (VGU incoming) Lucian: Hunter of Shadows, Bio not updated Lux: Last Light, Bio updated Morgana: none, Bio not updated (VGU incoming) Poppy: The Slayer, Bio updated Quinn: Rules of Survival, Bio updated Shyvana: The Winged Beast, Bio updated Sona: none, Bio not updated Sylas: The Recruit, Bio updated Vayne: Monsters, Bio updated Xin Zhao: none, Bio not updated * Freljord: 4/14 fully updated, 6 missing bios, 9 missing color stories Anivia: none, Bio not updated Ashe: The Harder Path, Bio updated Braum: Tomb of the Troll Boy, Bio not updated Gnar: The Hunter Hunted, Bio updated Gragas: none, Bio not updated Lissandra: none, Bio updated Nunu & Willump: Stone Cold, Bio updated Olaf: none, Bio not updated Ornn: The voice from the Hearth, Bio updated Sejuani: none, Bio updated Trundle: none, Bio not updated Tryndamere: none, Bio updated Udyr: none, Bio updated Volibear: none, Bio not updated * Ionia 13/18 fully updated. 1 missing bio, 5 missing color stories Ahri: A Fair Trade, Bio updated. Akali: Leaving Weh’le, Bio updated. Irelia: Stains on a Name, Bio updated. Ivern: Gift of Venom, Bio updated. Jhin: The Man with the Steel Cane, Bio updated. Karma: none, Bio updated. Kayn: The Blade of Millenia, Bio updated. Kennen: none, Bio not updated. Lee Sin: All that Glitters, Bio updated. Master Yi: Homecoming, Bio updated. Rakan: Nothing Rhymes with Tubebow, Bio updated. Shen: True Neutral, Bio updated. Syndra: none, Bio updated. Varus: Dark Kin, Bio updated. Wukong: Fast and Dumb, Bio updated. Xayah: Puboe Prison Break, Bio updated. Yasuo: none, Bio updated. Zed: none, Bio updated. * Mt. Targon 6/6 fully updated (!) Diana: Night’s Work, Bio updated. Leona: The Light Bringer, Bio updated. Pantheon: The Spear of Targon, Bio updated. Soraka: Halfway between the Stars and Earth, Bio updated. Taric: The uninvited Guest, Bio updated. Zoe: Meet Zoe, Bio updated. * Noxus 3/11 fully updated, 4 missing bios, 6 missing color stories Cassiopeia: The Shedding of Skin, Bio not updated. Darius: none, Bio updated. Draven: none, Bio not updated. Katarina: Message on a Blade’s Edge, Bio updated. Kled: Where the Drakalops roam, Bio updated. LeBlanc: none, Bio updated. Riven: none, Bio updated. Sion: In the Mind of Madness, Bio not updated. Swain: The Black Powder Plot, Bio updated. Talon: none, Bio not updated. Vladimir: none, Bio updated. * Piltover 6/7 fully updated, 1 missing bio, no missing color stories Caitlyn: The Thrill of the Chase, Bio updated. Camille: Tea with the Gray Lady, Bio updated. Ezreal: The Elixir of Uloa, Bio updated. Heimerdinger: From the Journal of Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger, Bio not updated. Jayce: A quick Fix, Bio updated. Orianna: Fieram, Bio updated. Vi: Interrogation 101, Bio updated. * Shurima 10/10 fully updated. Amumu: Greed and Tears, Bio updated. Azir: Arisen, Bio updated. Nasus: Ouroboros, Bio updated. Rammus: Caravan North, Bio updated. Renekton: Darkness Renews, Bio updated. Rengar: Prey, Bio updated. Sivir: Water, Bio updated. Skarner: Dreamsong, Bio updated. Taliyah: Echoes in the Stone, Bio updated. Xerath: Unbound, Bio updated. * Shadows Isles 8/8 fully updated, 1 VGU incoming Elise: Strand by silken Strand, Bio updated. Hecarim: No one lives, Bio updated. Kalista: Invocation, Bio updated. Karthus: Burial at Sea, Bio updated. Maokai: Nightbloom, Bio updated. Mordekaiser: Shadows of Damnation, Bio updated (VGU incoming) Thresh: The Collection, Bio updated. Yorick: Last Rites, Bio updated. * Runeterra / No affiliation 12/21 fully updated, 7 missing bios, 7 missing color stories Aatrox: The Cage, Bio updated. Alistar: none, Bio not updated. Annie: Trouble, Bio updated. Aurelion Sol: Twin Dawns, Bio updated. Bard: none, Bio not updated. Brand: none, Bio updated. Evelynn: The tallest Daisy, Bio updated. Fiddlesticks: To our End, Bio not updated. Fizz: The lucky Kraken, Bio updated. Jax: None shall pass, Bio not updated. Kindred: Forest for the Trees, Bio updated. Malphite: none, Bio not updated. Nami: First Steps, Bio updated. Neeko: The Monster of Kalduga Outpost, Bio updated. Nidalee: Human Blood, Bio updated. Nocturne: The Shadow Door, Bio updated. Ryze: An Old Friend, Bio updated. Shaco: none, Bio not updated. Tahm Kench: The Gambler’s Woe, Bio updated. Zilean: none, Bio not updated. Zyra: none, Bio updated. * The Void 3/8 fully updated, 4 bios missing, 4 color stories missing Cho’gath: none, Bio not updated. Kassadin: Whom Does the Desert Know? Bio updated. Kha’Zix: none, Bio not updated. Kai’Sa: The Girl Who Came Back, Bio updated. Kog’Maw: none, Bio not updated. Malzahar: none, Bio updated. Rek’sai: Sai Kahleek, Bio not updated. Vel’Koz: A Different Hunger, Bio updated. * Zaun 9/12 fully updated, 3 bios missing, 2 color stories missing Blitzcrank: Ensemble, Bio updated. Dr. Mundo: Do No Harm, Bio updated. Ekko: Lullaby, Bio updated. Janna: Deep Breath, Bio updated. Jinx: The Wedding Crasher, Bio updated. Singed: none, Bio not updated. Twitch: Do Not Engage, Bio not updated. Urgot: Son of Ur, Bio updated. Viktor: House on Emberflit Alley, Bio Updated. Warwick: If They Run, Bio updated. Zac: Protection, Bio updated. Ziggs: none, Bio not updated. **Edit: as people asked, we added Prey and First Steps as Rengar and Nami color story**
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