LOL Wolrd Map (Upgraded!!)

Hello, guys. 3 months ago, I posted a fan-made map by me , but then I realised that it was not perfect or accurate. Old one: Therefore, I modyfied some parts to present it better. Two main changes: 1. Ionia should be smaller.(changed) 2. Southern Continent should be bigger, as a continent full of anciente civilizations, such as Targon, Shurima, Icathia. Take a look. Entire Map: Southern Continent (modifed): BTW, if you want an original map with 37M, I can send you in email. And, I add " Unknown Lands extending toward the south" for more mysterious spaces Icathia is actually beside the sea,according to the new lore. In addition, I modified the south freljord Hope rioters can make comments for more information, hahahahahahah.. XD{{sticker:katarina-love}}
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