Ezreal's Mystery Finally Going to Get Solved Next Rework.

Ezreal, Kayle and Morgana are receiving the next reworks
A new Champion Roadmap was published on Monday afternoon, showing us what's to come soon in terms of champions. Alongside a small image teaser of two new champions and a confirmation on what Nunu's rework will entail, Riot showed off three soon-to-be-reworked champions! Ezreal is getting a visual and gameplay update, along with Kayle and Morgana.
Ezreal's lore had 2 mysteries. 1 is his parents, who are traders/treasure hunters who suddenly stopped coming to visit Ezreal and his Uncle in Piltover. Ezreal knows his parents are searching for Ne'Zuk's tomb for an ancient artifact that (a.k.a Gauntlet/Glove) can teleport its user to any place. So when Ezreal grew up he was preparing for the journey of his life. Finally, he found Ne'Zuk's tomb, he only found 1 glove. The 2nd glove is missing. And that's the 2nd mystery. Recently Riot announces Ezreal's rework. With every rework comes a new or expanded lore of a champion. I'm pretty excited for where the 2nd glove might be. Let me know if you have any theories.{{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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