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Hi, I'm so in to LoL's Univerum lore and I love reading new bio-updates and stories. Lastly I decided to read all stuff about Freljord and I can't realy understand things about True Ice and Iceborns mostly if the thing are focused on Lissandra. If I remember corectly she and her sisters are the very first Iceborns after Lissandra contact with Watchers throught dreams. So did they realy came on surface or just send thier "voidling"? And another thing is the "Watchers" are true Void being and in the mean of Void is to consume the things beyound the voidrifts why they granted freljordians powers? The Void is corrupting, so why the corrupting and "consuming" living mattery beings created and some how geneticly changed humans and thier ice? I don't get it? Why they just can't consumed the Freljiord and run for others lands? And where are the Three Sisters' parents? Did they don't supported they plans or just died when thier offsprings tried conquer the Northen Lands? I rly would like to know thier parents story or at least get something in minor future stories. Another thing that I don't understand is a fact that True Ice in the "Chamber with rune covered pilars" starts melting? The only logical thing is the Watchers who created True Ice and only they can not "melt" but destroy True Ice but The Watchers are "hibernated" so they de facto can't do that. And another thing is: Why Lissandra herself can't watch over those pilars? She at least should sense the "melting" cus she created this frozen prison below the Bridge. Another thing is: Avarosa and Serylda were Iceborn and Lissandra killed 'em durning battle with "Watchers" (or ratcher thier spawns) the sisters should be hibernated too but not dead (Lissandra used her not corrupted form of True Ice) And why the Watchers if they rly came out on surface why they couldn't brainwashed humans or just mindcontrol them? Sry for my english but I think the story of Freljord and the Watchers should be somehow rewrite or Riot may just continue to giving us the facing fait accompli of the lore. I hope someone from Riot's Story Writers see my post PS: I almost forgot, Lissandra want great power and to be ethernal or at least ageless, she achieve both so why she's continuing tho bring Watchers to the Runeterra? If she wants more power she can shapeshift herself and go to Shurima and Ascend by the Sundisc or go to Ionia and learn Wild Magic or use blood of vastayans.
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