The final two Darkin

Now I know im late with this but Vaarus' comic he mentiones uniting the five, most likely reffering to the five Darkin or fallen ascended from the fall of Shurima. my question is who are these Darkin? now the most likely answer is that these will be two new champions each sporting their own weapon but where's the fun in ending a theory like that? no. with our new knowledge that Darkin are nothing more than fallen Shuriman legends I can only assume Vaarus is reffering to two of Shurima's most well known Ascended champions. not Azir and Xerath, but Nasus and Renekton. my reasoning goes as followed. there is a good likelyhood that the current lineup of darkin dont know Xertath and Azir ever ascended, with Xertath's ascension bringing the empire to instant ruin and the darkin being busy waging war against space bugs the fall of shurima probably came out of left field to them, probably the same reason why there was such a powerstruggle between the darkin, the empire didnt fall over the course of time, xerath destroyed nearly all of shurima within an instant. this brings me to my following point, Renekton and Nasus were already ascended long before any of the darkin even more with Nasus being known as the eternal guardian of shurima and Renekton leading Shurima's armies, one could assume that Vaarus and Aatrox had interacted with both before. now here's my prediction, somewhere in the future there will be an event staring Aatrox, Nasus and Renekton, representing two/three factions of the darkin, Aatrox who seeks to destroy and enslave, Nasus who seeks to protect, and Renekton who will either act like a rogue or join Nasus to defend Shurima once more. the event would be a power struggle between ascended and darkin. if not, I suspect Nasus and Renekton will atleast get a Darkin skin out of this all representing what would have happened if Nasus and Renekton would have joined the Darkin war instead of being self exciled and locked up with an insane bugzapper. Anyways, that was my theory, let me know what you think below, I personally think its pretty plosible and one of the more obvious events to have but im not a story writer for riot so what do I know. EDIT: This is litterally only minutes after posting this but I just realised with Azir wanting to build a new shurima, Nasus' return to protect the empire he once lost and Xerath being all against slavery it gives a good reason for the current ascended champions to want to join together to fight this common threat considering the Darkin seem pretty keen on destruction and enslavement, which honestly you shouldnt need that big of a reason to want to stop but even then it seems like every ascended champion would have a personal reason to want to stop the Darkin in Shurima. EDIT: It seems I missed Vaarus' comment on having a sister so unless renekton is just a really pissed off girl I'm afraid this Theory is wrong, Thank you for GroxTerr0r for pointing this out and shattering my dreams. However I still think my predictions can hold true with the strong ties the Darkin have with Shurima and the amount of Ascended champions we have with proper reason to want to defend their home, even more with the Ascended champions probably making for very good hosts to the darkin, like seriously.. imagine Nasus holding Aatrox's Blade, or Renekton with Raash's scythe, their combined power would likely push them beyond anything a darkin or ascended would achieve on their own.
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