Has the Noxian aesthetic changed or become obsolete?

Hey Rioters, I'd love an answer from a lore person OR and Art person, simply because I'm curious from either angle! We've seen some interesting changes in the lore (not commenting here) and a bit of juggling about what champions are where etc. What I'd like to ask, is why is there so little consistency between new Noxian champions vs old, or has the visual associated with Noxians changed? Previously, we had associated them with the Green/gold/black etc. Recently We've seen the re--reveal of Sion, but he doesn't display any visual connection to Noxus other than a dark/bloody pallet. Swain and Urgot (oldies) Still have that green/gold/black consistency that helps separate them from the likes of the shadow isles champions (although recently they've got ghostly particles to help) or void champions and their black purple (Talon, Leblanc). In essence, in the wake of the Sion reveal, can you comment on a perceived lack of visual cohesion between Noxian champions, compared to say Demacia, Shadow Isles, etc.? also, Swain is the best!{{champion:50}}
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