@Reav3 @Meddler Can we consider adding AT LEAST one more Pod to the VGU team?

I know you have mentioned there's been discussion. And I know we have 2 pods working on VGUs at the moment, as oppose the 1 last year. But given how much work still lies ahead i think it would great if AT LEAST ONE MORE POD was added to the VGU team. I'm thinking allocate them from champ team. Yes we still want our new champs. I get it. But I believe it would do wonders for the game if we had more hands for the VGU team Pod: a group that has a designer, splash artist, concept artist, animator, writer, etc. (VGU team has 2 of these groups/pods) Having 3 or 4 teams working on a character each? Imagine the amazing year of VGUs that will produce
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