Why is Demacia so Boring?

This will probably get downvoted like crazy but I will comment anyway because i don't give a *concern*. Look at the recent state of Bilgewater with the "death" of Gangplank or Piltover with Jinx blowing things up like the Joker. These seem like such exciting locales but everybody gets along too well in Demacia and powerful champions are just kissing up to Jarvan like it's their job. Look at all the Demacian natives. They are all way too honorable and good. There is nobody there creating any conflict. Imagine watching Game of Thrones where you had the same king all the time, and everybody got along great. It would be awful. The only conflict they ever have is minor or with the Noxians who are infinitely more interesting. I suggest incorporating a coup of Jarvan's position, a void infiltration of the city or an Ao Shin reckoning for J4 and Shyvana killing dragons. Something to make this part of Runeterra come to life and not just be "where we put all the good people." Edit: For some reason there are people that are arguing that Demacia is the most favorable quality of life environment in Runeterra as an (argument?) to what I initially posted. I completely agree that I would move there if I were in this world and there is nothing "wrong" with being surrounded by good people. I would not want to move my family next to a void portal or to a high conflict area if I physically lived in this world. However, my initial statement was that the lack of morally diverse characters and the successful orderly regime of J4 has created an environment where conflict (and thus exciting story) is rare and usually minor within the confines of the city.
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