Still waiting for another female Zaunite

Zaun still has the lowest percentage of female champions of every region in the entire game. **Bandle City: 43%** **Bilgewater: 22%** **Demacia: 60%** **Freljord: 33%** **Ionia: 33%** **Noxus: 36%** **Piltover: 57%** **Shadow Isles: 25** **Shurima: 20%** **Mount Targon: 57%** **Void: 25%** **Zaun: 17%** This region has 12 champions in total, yet there are still just 2 females among them. Especially after seeing what a **huge** success Jinx has been, I think we could finally use another chempunky girl in the roster. You even experimented with it with Husk, Riot. I have no clue why you cancelled this great champion design, but please, it is time for another female Zaunite. It depresses me that my favourite region is so heavily lacking when it comes to waifus. ____________________ To all the people on the boards: What would be a thematic for a new female Zaunite you would enjoy seeing in the game? What kind of personality should they have? What is their weapon of choice?
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