Dragon Knight Mordekaiser just needs ONE change in order to be absolutely perfect!

Thanks to the effort of Neal Wojahn, the amazing VFX artist who worked overtime to get us Mordekaiser players some awesome custom VFX, Mordekaiser will be released with an exquisite skin catalog that offers so much stuff to love! https://youtu.be/gCZWWml9QGY?t=453 My personal favorite skin, though this is a lie since I simply cannot just pick one, probably has to be Dragon Knight since it really checks all of my favorite boxes. It has just one flaw, one tiny little detail that actually somewhat breaks the skin for me: #He loses his ferocious Draconic Visage to gain a hooded head during his ultimate. This kind of goes against the thematic set out by the skin; trying to deliver on the fantasy of literally being a DRAGON Knight. His ultimate is supposed to be his high moment but it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth since it just seems so completely out of character for this skin's specific thematic. The hooded look is amazing on his base skin and Lord Morde, where it really drives home the message that he's this impossibly ancient Revenant encased in metal armour, but this does not really carry over to the Dragon Knight skin. Infernal, also a 520 skin, keeps his hellish helmet on during his ultimate, so I think it seems completely reasonable for Dragon Knight to also retain his curved horns and simply have his crown hover between those. It'd definitely solidify this skin's theme and crank up its awesomeness a couple notches. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D8QcmgdW4AIM8xx.jpg
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