Riot Art Team, Can You Please Provide an Option to Submit Non-Champion Fan Art?

Hello Riot Art and Design Team! I'm working on an extended project to paint Elder Dragon on canvas (yes, I'm more old-school than an Elder Dragon), and I had to label Mr. Dragon as "Shyvana" because it was mandatory that I choose which champion is featured in my artwork. I'd love to see more interpretations of not only Champions, but also Items, Jungle monsters, Regions, Icons, etc. in the League Fan Art page. My specialties are landscapes, maps, and monsters. It's 100% related to League even if it's not focused on a specific Champion. I know you're all busy with other projects, so no rush. But in the meantime, I'm sorry that I'm still labeling Mr. Dragon as "Shyvana." I hope I don't make too much of a mess for your Discussion Board Mods. P.S. - I'm sorry for submitting just a sketch, but I wanted to submit a progression of photos as my painting gets more detailed. As your rigging team probably knows, sometimes the framework gets lost in the skin texturing and external details. For me, I feel that it's just as important to see the progression as it is to see the final product. Thanks!

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