I Will Proba!bly Quit League Now, the New Kayle Is Terrible!

__Note: I have not played the new Kayle yet, but I have been following the changes early on, am well versed in what the changes are and watched several videos of gameplay.__ TL;DR **Paragraph Two:** I mained Kayle since Season 6 and still love her. **Paragraph Three:** I was looking forward to Kayle's new rework, but it turned out terribly. The developers did not take into account what makes current Kayle great, and they killed her. **Paragraph Four:** Kayle did not rely on levels to get strong late game, she relied on skill. She needed to play her matchups smart (now, she is weak against everyone early champion) and farm well (now she can't farm well early) or farm intensely mid-game (which does not matter now since her passive's gimmicks give her power when you reach certain levels). [I recommend reading this paragraph since it's the biggest reason why I hate this new Kayle] **Paragraph Five:** Kayle's laning phase was fun. Now it's about waiting for level 11. Waiting isn't fun, fighting and farming are. Even if you were weaker against most champions with the old Kayle, she was able to put up a hell of a fight. The new Kayle is weak and can't do anything until 11, regardless of how much gold you have. Kayle's builds used to be dynamic, with many options depending on the situation, but now it will likely be focused on attack speed and damage only. **Paragraph Six:** Kayle's new W and R have no depth in deciding when and who to use them on. The W is used on yourself 100% of the time and an ally of your choice (so it's no longer a choice between one or the other) and your R has to be used early in a fight on someone who is deep in their enemy's line to ensure its max potential is reached. **Paragraph Seven:** Besides kiting (which can be done on any ranged champion), Kayle takes no practice. She is very basic to play now. Play safe early game 100% of the time (no matchup knowledge needed). Using your W is always an obvious choice in team fights and ganks (since it always applies on you). You always use your R on the ally who is deep and taking the most damage early in the fight. [Also a good paragraph to read which gets another important point across] **RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CHANGES:** If possible, don't change. **Passive:** Auto attacking gives Kayle _n_ stacks (could be more when hitting champions, probably won't matter). Once Kayle has _y_ stacks, Kayle's next auto attack against enemy champions will heal her and give her movement speed (basically her old W) **Q:** SAME (but a skillshot) **W:** ANYTHING (it could be something to help kayle prevent enemies from closing the gap or aid her when she is getting ganked) **E:** SAME (but her melee version provides Kayle with additional base missing health damage/ max health damage/ neglects a certain amount of armor and magic resist. This may require her base attack range to be a bit further) **R:** SAME ============================== As a Kayle main, I would like to voice that from what I have witnessed, the new Kayle lost most of what the old Kayle stood for and will be less enjoyable to play as. Once the new Kayle is released, I will likely no longer play her and may even be driven to quit League of Legends. I started playing League of Legends in pre-season 5 and picked up Kayle around mid-season 6. Ever since I found her, I mained her (alongside Darius in season 6, 8 and 9 and Ryze in season 7 for some flexibility with my picks into matchups) because I loved how Kayle felt. Kayle was not an extremely popular champion, which made her an easy pick with a lower ban rate. Along with her ability to scale anddish out an insane amount of damage post rageblade, her ability to outplay enemies in lane (specifically punishing players for attempting and failing to get close and for leaving themselves open while farming), her very intense and focused laning phase, the flexibility with her build which depends on how well she is doing in the game and the fact that she can be played supportive or aggressive mid-game based on how well you did early is what Kayle is to me. Sure not everyone finds that fun, but that's fine with me, go ahead and pick another champion out of the pool of 140 (more or less). The makers of the new Kayle do not understand what made the old Kayle amazing and killed her. I'll be honest, I have followed what the Kayle rework hype for some while, and until I read the abilities, I was very excited for this rework and hoped Kayle was going to benefit from this. The makers of the new Kayle wanted Kayle to a champion that scales hard into the late game through her passive.... and that's it. One thing that bugs me is that she does not need to work hard to get back into the game (which I will take about more later), but the fact that she does nothing but levels up to do damage is completely BORING. Not to mention, her early game seems almost impossible to play, especially against most top laners and champions that can zone you out. Who wants to play a champion that will get them 30 cs by 10 mins, waiting to level up. But even reaching her powerspike, level 11, the game could go two ways. Either Kayle will have fallen too behind and needs to start properly csing to be comfortable (which will set her behind even more) or she could undeservingly become very powerful (depending on the stats Riot gives her). The current Kayle is NOT a champion who gets stronger because she hugged tower until she reached a high enough level, it's about taking a risk in lane, farming up (while ensuring no one can close the gap on you and your E duration is used correctly) and punishing enemies that play poorly against you. If you fell behind, you farmed as much as you could, including your jungle, and tried to take kills to get back into the game while playing supportive so you are not completely useless. Kayle worked HARD to become a powerhouse, played smart and saved up. I won't lie, there are matchups where Kayle has an advantage against, such as {{champion:157}} and {{champion:27}} (it's never completely one-sided and playing poorly will result in your loss), but there are so many champions where your lane is very competitive, where you need to focus on their ability range and cooldowns along with your own. {{champion:122}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:23}} are just a few examples of champions that have a very intense lane against Kayle. Darius, for example, is a very strong early game champion but has no gap closers besides his E which pulls enemies in. Kayle's empowered auto attacks are conveniently in range to be pulled in, so you must farm and trade with that in mind. If he wastes it, you punish him for it. Tryndamere has to use his E to close the gap, which Kayle has to be mindful of. His W slows the opposing champion based on which direction they face, so Kayle needs to be mindful not to be caught showing her back to Tryndamere. Also, his ultimate lasts 5 seconds, opposed to Kayle's 2 - 3 seconds. But he is squishy and I personally always have a fun time facing him. Illaoi's matchup is about dodging her tentacles so she does not heal and dodging her E to win trades. Volibear can abuse Kayle if he closes the gap, using Q then W when he uses Q (as long as you were far enough to begin with), you can outrun him and punish him with your E for making a failed attempt. I can go on and on about how players have so much fun playing and experience so much depth Kayle in lane, understanding the opponent's strengths against Kayle and ensuring they fail to abuse it while being punishing them for playing poorly. Kayle never completely has the upper hand early game, which makes laning phase always fun and makes your mid/late game scaling all the more rewarding. Now, looking at the new Kayle, all that is out of the picture. What Riot did is create a champion that has NO hope at winning early game, who NEEDS to lay low, pick up whatever CS she can (but it won't really matter how much since her passive does all the scaling) and wait to ascend. That is not Kayle, that is not even League of Legends. Kayle is rewarded with patience. It's no longer the expensive items Kayle needs to become a beast, but to play passive and wait. Even WITH SOME MIRACLE new Kayle get's fed early, she still needs to wait for her levels, specifically 11 and 16, to even be in the game. Looking at Kayle now, I do not even see the need of building Nashor's first, rushing Guinsoo seems the way to go (and is likely the only way you will have enough gold for that item by level 11 with her terrible lane) since the cooldowns from Nashor's are not extremely valuable to Kayle. Due to the way Kayle's abilities scales, it seems more like Kayle will want to build full AP (with some AP/health items, maybe gunblade) after having enough attack speed instead of it being very flexible like the old Kayle. Kayle will scale in time regardless of your KDA, be prepared for it and have as much damage as you can when the time comes. Due to how Kayle scales, it seems more beneficial to build full AP over maybe a deadman's or Abyssal Mask when you are falling a bit behind or need to live longer. (with the exception of Guardian Angel with her additional AD scaling on her Q E R). With a full AP build (with enough attack speed), comes to a more static core build, with situational items like Rylas and GA for a bit of tank. This takes away the fun of taking risks of building Hurricane against that Shaco and Zed or deciding to go for the Deadman's to stay on the safe side and sustain. Riot wants people to build differently based off player's play styles and situations, which Old Kayle achieved, but new Kayle lacks. Speaking of decisions, lets talk about Kayle's supportive abilities. Her W and R. Kayle's new W allows her to automatically heal both herself and a nearby/targeted ally. Right off the bat, you no longer need to decide if you want to speed up the Shyvana who is ganking your lane or yourself, it's too easy and no fun. Kayle does not have to decide to heal her ally to close their gap or to close her own. Nor does she have to decide to selfishly heal herself or heal the Jinx who has low HP. Again, no fun since it's too easy. That may not be too bad, but her Ultimate is really the killer here. Kayle's new R comes with two key changes, the fact that it does AOE damage during it's duration and the fact that KAYLE CAN'T AUTO ATTACK WHILE INVISIBLE. Let's say I was in a team fight, the Amumu went deep into the enemy line and is about to die. Usually, based on who is being primarily focused, I will decide to 'ult' the tank who is absorbing all the damage (and will hopefully be absorbing it during the ult duration) or save it for myself (or someone else who is ahead). But with the new Kayle, that is out of the question. Kayle uses her ultimate on the champion that went in deep, PERIOD. If the AOE can hit everyone, use it early to ensure everyone gets hurt and when all the big abilities are being popped on the champion that is deep in the fight. Why not wait to use it on the scaled Kayle? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING WHEN YOU DO!!! You could save it for your ADC when the focus changes onto them or when an assassin strikes them but why waste an AOE damage ability which is really strong on someone who is in your backline or when the fight is ending. No flexibility, no fun. Kayle does not need to think for herself on what to do based on the situation, all she needs to do is use her R on the frontline ally when they go in. BORING!!! That is not the Kayle I loved since Season 6, this Kayle is about waiting to get strong and doing exactly what the developers wanted her to do. If they wanted it to be a choice, Kayle should have been able to still fight during her ultimate, but even then it would likely be more worth to get the damage off since it currently looks very strong. The current Kayle does not seem like someone that you need to master to get good at, you just need to play smart early and dish damage later in a very basic way. Current Kayle mains NEED to know their matchups to do well in lane, NEED to hyper farm when they are behind, WILL use the right abilities at the right time to prevent enemies from getting close and WILL punish them they can. Good Kayle mains would know when to use her E early and when to retreat when it's duration is at it's end. At this point, my brain is programmed to press E when it is off cooldown post 30% CDR without me even noticing. You need to know when it's a good idea to build Hurricane over Wit's End or Abyssal Mask. You need to decide if you want to rush Berserker's Greaves or build Nashor's Tooth as normal. You do not need to practice on how to tower hug, anyone can do it. You do not need to think to use your R on the player that went in. Using W is as easy as clicking on your Ally instead of worrying about self-casting (in fact, self-casting would probably be worst if you have a specific person in mind you wanted to heal). You do not have a chance at ALL to win lane, so matchup knowledge is out of the picture. So tell me, besides practicing to kite (which can be done on literally any range champion), what is left to master on Kayle? Are you practicing to land her Q? Are you practicing patience??? NOTHING. There is nothing to practice since her early game is so dead. Kayle has become a champion you would pick up if you wanted to play safe and win later in the game. Not someone who you keep practicing, attempting to master, learning how to play every matchup or putting your heart into deciding how much you want to farm and how much you want to play with the team mid-game. Kayle has become a linear champ with no depth to her. Riot changed what made her good. Now the question remains, should Kayle be reverted? If the two options were yes or no, my answer would be HELL YA. Although my answer is biased by my mastery of her old kit, I would not want her to be changed at all. If Riot did really want to change her no matter what, I do have some suggestions which could satisfy both parties. For one, Kayle's old passive needed to go. Kayle's passive did not play a role in how Kayle players played Kayle, the stacks stacked up so quickly and played a smaller role that it was not really taken into consideration when trading (besides someone like Teemo, which I do consider after being blinded initially in a fight, only because I want to stack it on him). Kayle's W is very important to her, but maybe turing her passive into her W, where she gains stacks and once you have 100 stacks (which could increase by auto attacking only), hitting an enemy champion could heal her and increase her movement speed. This way, she needs to ensure she has 100 stacks against champions like Volibear and Garen to prevent them from closing the gap, and this will also need to be taken into consideration when trading. Her Q could be the same as the new Q, become a skill shot, you could even make it only hit the first enemy without an AOE effect to it. Her W could honestly be anything, but preferably something to help her avoid gap closers or help her stay safe during a gank. For her E, it would be cool to see a reason for Kayle not to want to always toggle her range on, in a situation where maybe she would turn melee during a fight after lowering an enemy in specific situations. This could be that she does additional damage to base missing health, max health or it ignores a certain amount of armor/magic resist, resulting in her wanting to get in close to fight them. This may require Kayle's base auto attack range to be a bit further though. Her R should be the same as her current R, no AOE gimmick. I hate what Riot did with Kayle, it is obvious that the people who made the new Kayle do not play Kayle or took advise from the current Kayle fanbase. This new Kayle is too simple and will likely be nerfed to the ground or will have an extremely high pick/ban rate. She is not someone you master, she does not have a lot of depth to her and she is not as fun as the old Kayle. I for one will may just end up quitting League of Legends because Riot decided to destroy what pulled me to League, a champion that only does well if the player is smart, and playing well rewards the player exponentially. Not everyone could pick up the old Kayle and do extremely well, and not everyone liked her. Kayle was Kayle because of these factors, the new Kayle is not Kayle, she is a new champion. New play style (hide in a bush until 11), new build (non-situational, standard build) and new player base (because I am sure I will not be the only one who will be looking for a new game to play after this rework). The only thing these two champions have in common are their names, their looks and the core of their abilities. To any Riot employees reading, you have reverted champions in the past, it is not too late to change her back now! I would also love to help if you want to only revert certain aspects (contact me!), but please do something to make Kayle who she used to be! Thanks for reading, An old Kayle main.
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