Kayle's Background

So.... Kayle and Morgana are now aspects of Targeron. I honestly find it disappointing. It's a personal grievance against Targeron more than anything. But I do have a big issue with Kayle. Kayle is supposed to be the aspect of Justice. She questioned the laws of where she lived to try and make them include more people and protect people better. But... Does she try to wipe out an entire city on a whim? She watched her father die and all she really cared about was getting her sister's sword so she could have two. I mean... wtf. She's supposed to be justice but she's the furthest thing from it. She doesn't protect, she needs someone to keep people protected from her. If Morgana wasn't there, Kayle would have burned a city, men, women, and children all alike. How is that supposed to be justice? Then there's the whole point I have about Aurlin Sol. If Kayle is supposed to be justice, how will she feel about Aurlin? Targeron has turned Aurlin into something worse than a slave since he has no control over his own mind or body because of them. How will Justice rectify such a horrific act?
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