It's time to update some of the outdated BASE SPLASH ARTS in the game.

I see Riot is fully capable of producing 4-5 new skin splash arts per patch. While skins are the reason Riot is making bank, little they know a champion's base splash art iis the biggest marketin tool. I know that updating every single outdated skin splash art is difficult as there are hundreds of them. However, base splash arts are a rather small quantities. My suggestions are; Hecarim {{champion:120}} ==> Even his LOR art are miles better than his in-game art Kassadin {{champion:38}} ==> Pretty outdated, very boring pose etc. Jax {{champion:24}} ==> People also wanting him to receive a Visual update, his art is pretty outdated as well. Leona {{champion:89}} ==> The dullest splash art in the game by far in my opinion. Pretty outdated and does not tell a single story. It's pretty bad. Diana {{champion:131}} ==> It would be awesome if updated together with Leona. The quality is subpar. These champions should be the priority and Riot art team is fully capable of updating these arts in a couple of months. I didn't included champions like {{champion:36}}, {{champion:106}} and {{champion:72}} because Voli is already getting his VGU and Dr.Mundo/Skarner will get theirs fairly soon. Other than my suggestions, I think these champions {{champion:32}} , {{champion:105}} , {{champion:111}} , {{champion:117}} would appreciate getting some love too.
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