@Reav3 Now that evelynn is out, what is the next pattern of VGU/GU/New Champ

I like that you reveal to us the pattern of events and that makes us so hype. Any pattern next? and its team too like urgots team and the one handing it. thanks would it be: a. swain(VGU)->irelia(VGU)->aatrox(GU)->new champ->VGU b. swain(VGU)->irelia(VGU)->aatrox(GU)->VGU->new champ c. swain(VGU)->irelia(VGU)->aatrox(GU)->VGU->VGU (please make this happen! And please let it be Nunu) d. swain(VGU)->irelia(VGU)->aatrox(GU)->new champ->new champ e. Any pattern that has not been said above @CertainlyT, Please rework NUNU EDIT: The EVELYNN in the title should be ZOE. Sorry if i confused anybody. and who is the champ designers of swain, irelia, future VGUs/new champs again?? and their team like, urgots team got swain. So next year will see a lot of VGU's. summary of teams Team - Past Work - Next Work Team A - Kayn - New Champ Team B - Urgot - Swain(VGU) Team C - Ornn - New Champ Team D - Evelynn - Irelia(VGU) Team E - Zoe - VGU, possibly because reav3 says CertainlyT's next work is a VGU So my theory will be, is that kayn's team needs a lot more time to produce a champ because its a new champ so i think, swain will be released first and after him is the new champ. Same as Ornn's team and Irelia they will be switched making irelia to come first before ornn's teams champion. Lastly, reav3 stated already that after a new champ comes, then its swain but i think its subject to change? TLDr; Zoe(nov) -> Swain(jan) -> New Champ(feb) -> Irelia(mar) -> New Champ(apr) -> VGU(may/june) PS: Aatrox is random and may come in any position of this pattern so i left him out for a bit.
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