The hate for Zoe makes me sad.

I actually feel bad. Not because of the story or the faults I've seen people mention, but because of how much I relate and understand Zoe and the negative implications that puts on my childhood. We know nothing of Zoe's childhood prior to being chosen as an aspect. The only relation we are given is between her and her teachers. Her LUNARI teachers. I can't possibly imagine the culture she's a part of. That being said, Zoe is a child. Children are taught to respect authority. Children are taught consequences and their meanings. Children have brains that are still growing and are incapable of processing and handling everything the same way a grown adult would on their own. Her inability to understand the vast consequences of her actions, emotionally and morally, is a real possibility. This is a child who does not understand the reason she should value her studies and their value. This is a child who would rather have more fun, while cornered by her authoritative figures, than diffuse their stress and anger, or even escape it. This same child, is suddenly given the ability to explore the world. She's able to do this and is only limited when it is time to do her job. She does not need to live with the consequences of a destroyed town. She does not need to meet the families of those killed in her adventures. She is able to see the end of the lives of mortal creatures. Zoe is a child that is able to pet Aurelion Sol against his wishes. Under no circumstances would I call her a hero, but she IS a child to me. A child that faces no consequences to her actions. A child that may very well have no real relationship that encourages growth and maturity in her. I love Zoe's character, honestly. I think the reality surrounding Zoe's existence and the gravity of her presence is done well. And I do have one question because I didn't see it in a red post yet: Does Zoe ignore time when she travels?
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