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Ask Riot: Lissandra's Helmet?
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> Q: I am delighted by the lore of many of my favorite champions, among which is Ahri. Her history is deep and sad, but will we ever get to hear more about Ahri’s deceased boyfriend? And in the future, will there be more stories involving Wukong? > A: It’s great that you are enjoying the stories we’re telling. I hope you will continue to follow these champions as we really start to ramp it up for the rest of 2019, and beyond! > I don’t like to make too many specific promises (or give too many hints about our plans, in case I spoil anything) but suffice to say, just because something is not mentioned in a given story, doesn’t mean it’s not a huge and formative part of who a champion is, or that we won’t cover it in some way later. > Will we tell more stories involving Wukong? Certainly. > More stories about Ahri, involving Wukong? Why, what have you heard…? ;-) Xano561 has won...

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