Riot confirmed another Full Relaunch this year - Probably Warwick or Swain

This is what Riot Meddler said in his latest interview yesterday "Urgot needs a full update, agreed. He's not the only champion though, Yorick especially's in strong need too and based off our investigations we felt we had a stronger direction for him than Urgot. As a result we scheduled a Yorick update as the next full one after Taric. We've also got another full rework underway for later in the year. Bit early to talk about that yet, though it's another champ that really needs a gameplay, art and lore overhaul. For what it's worth I do think it's pretty likely we'll get to Urgot next year. I realize that's sad news to hear since that's still a long delay, figure it's better to share that than just being silent about him until he's up next though." He also said it again with other words, more clearly this time "Yorick will be the next full update after Taric. We'll also be doing another full update later in the year, though that's still in pretty early stages at the moment. Additionally there'll be a Ryze update at some point too, though that won't be on the same scale as Poppy, Yorick etc (new model, with significant kit changes, but not a completely new kit)." He mentioned that Evelynn{{champion:28}} will be next year, Urgot{{champion:6}} will not be this year either so the only other champions that would get a full relaunch is 1st Warwick {{champion:19}} - we saw the file ''warwickrework.jpg'' a few weeks ago in the beta or Swain{{champion:50}} he does not need a full relaunch but Meddler said around a month ago that he will get a full rework too.
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