So Less VGU and More New Champions

This just put the nail on the coffin for me. Riot Games values new champions over old ones. Players wanted the proof. Here is your proof. If you think your main will get a fresh coat of paint to modernize them, you will be disappointed. If you think your main will get a new mechanic or work done on them to make them standout just as much as the kit overloaded new champions, you will be disappointed. The fact of the matter is we have champions that look so outdated, so old, cannot compete gameplay wise compared to newer champs . . . . the answer is outright ingore them and let these champions rot. New champions have already been made a top priority with reworks and massive adjustments the past two years. You know where these Developers alliances stand. Zilean mains, he will continue to look outdated and garbage. Karma mains, she will continue to have no gameplay identity and incomplete art assets. Where is the Yordle work to make them all look the same? Fiddles mains he will stay the way he is. This is all because these Developers only care about the same popupar champions every year and the new ones. Leave the game and let it sink. They clearly do not care about anything other than the same garbage they always have. Really horrible and bias company that has yet to convince me they care.
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