As of late, the lore power curve has been...kind of out of whack with new champs.

So let's discuss Season 7's champion releases: {{champion:164}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:142}} My problem with them isn't that they're bad characters. Hell, I think most of them are worthy additions...the problem comes that they're throwing the scale of power out of wack. I made a joke a few years ago about how League was adding more and more powerful characters (lore-wise) to the mix and how this could result in some problematic storytelling. As it turns out, my problems didn't really go away. First and foremost: Xayah and Rakan don't make the power scale absurd. Which is good! They're champions who are skilled and somewhat magical but not powerful enough to level mountains. Woo! Camille's issue isn't that she can level buildings or do insane stuff. Rather, her power-scale problem comes from her city: Compared to other Piltover (and Zaun) characters, she's far-and-away one of the most powerful. An experienced cyborg with top-of-the-line technology who works on behalf to keep everything running in both cities. She's way stronger than almost every character in Piltover and I'd haphazard she'd win almost every 1v1. The ones who she would have some trouble against (IMO {{champion:245}} {{champion:112}} and maybe {{champion:6}} ) are more "skill" match-ups in terms of lore. She's still, far and away, breaking the scale. Then we get to Kayn. Fuck. A Darkin + A human who is trained by Noxus and Zed and capable of killing a Darkin. That's fucking **STRONG**. Ornn and Zoe speak for themselves. One a demigod of the Freljord who is ageless and resposible for most of the greatest weaponry in the history of Runeterra and another Targon aspect who is on-par with Aurelion Sol. Yeah, ok. That's pretty busted. My problem with all these champions is that it feels like with each addition, the distance between SSS-tier (Aurelion and Bard) and F-tier (<Insert weak champion here>) grows larger. Where there used to just be A-D tier you now have giant power gaps. You have champions who warp the story by existing. And these are just champions, mind you. We're not talking about something above SSS-tier like "The Entity" from the void or "Nagakeboros" which exist but can't be champions due to raw power...or hell, maybe they will be. #TL;DR: With each passing season/release I grow increasingly worried. League is rapidly becoming a game filled with Supermen who powercreep each other to establish a new tier of power. The Dragonball Z problem.
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