Qiyana is a Deliciously Villainous Protagonist and I am HERE for it

Having just read the newest batch of material on the Universe site I have a few thoughts. I’ll get the minor ones out of the way first. Zilean’s situation absolutely opens him up for narrative opportunity with plenty of intersection availability with other champions. Malphite is a big doofus and I love him. A Taliyah/Skarner journey story would be awesome, out of the many champions Skarner could interact with, Taliyah is most likely to understand him. Anyway, on to Qiyana,who joins the roster of LoL villains with one of the pettiest moves possible. One thing I find that compels me to be interested in a character is, more than anything, motivation. You don’t need to be sympathetic to your villains if you’re also really eager to see what they’ll do next. There’s no doubt about it that Qiyana is motivated. She’s ruthless, ambitious, cunning, and confident. She’s the major player in Ixtal and I cannot wait to see how she deals with the threats to the empire, both within and without.

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