I love how much Riot has improved the quality of the artistry of their reworks

Let me start this off saying that I have been playing league since the Poppy release , the original. Back in 2013 , I had thought that I had seen it all , awesome champions with cool themes , groovy skins , pretty badass lore and what I called cool reworks on champions. I thought that I knew cool visual updates (Look up old Janna or Soraka , and if you think that Kayle looks outdated , I'll have you know that she already got a VU once ) and reworks , such as Karma rework or Seju's. But then , bam , the Karthus VU hit , and holy crap , I now want all the champions to look as good as him. And then came the mother load , the Sion full VGU. That was the shit , like the real shit. Sure , Riot had some slip ups , but that is only normal. Before I was like , meh , a rework , how nice , the champion will be played for a month, and then thrown into the dumpster. But now i'm like , **NEW REWORK BITCHESSSSSSSSS**. I can hardly wait to see what Riot does with my babies Eve , Swain , Kayle and Irelia (Aether Wing Kayle needs a Gatekeeper Galio level update so badly). Anywho , keep up the awesome work , Riot
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