@RiotDevs about Kindred's VO

Hello, i am currently in my last year for my Bachelor's degree and i've been working on a project that kind of tells a story about Kindred, and i was really hyped up about finding a story and (badly) voice acting it myself and adding effects ontop of that to create both Wolf and Lamb's effects, but i very quickly realised it wasn't that simple of a task. That brings me here, asking if you could share some details on Kindred's VO work (Specifics gladly appreciated BTW). I guess if i had to ask a specific question it would be "do you have a sequence of effect changes you do in Audacity (or any other audio editing program that i've never heard in my entire life because i only know Audacity) in order to achieve the sound and "etherealness" of Lamb's voice and the "gruffness" of Wolf's voice?" So yeah, i know it's kind of a longshot to ask for this, but it would be amazing to actually know how these things are done and how much of the end effect is picking the right voice vs Picking the right effects to put ontop P.S. I would love it if you could point me to any rioter's devblogs you have excluding the ones in the /dev corner in the Nexus.
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