I hope post-VGU Swain is still full of Edgar Allan Poe and literary references.

Everyone hypes over {{champion:50}} 's power, his strategic mastery and iron grip on Noxus but many tend to forget another side of the Grand General: he is an incredibly poetic character. https://image.ibb.co/h2kxFF/raben.png Part of Swain's concept is, of course, the famous poem "The Raven" by Poe. It's possibly the most acclaimed work of gothic literature and its meaning is, I believe, man's encounter with the unknown and his futile attempts to interpret nature. A great deal of Swain's mystique comes from his bond with the mystical raven, symbolizing a man coming to possess knowledge that wasn't meant for mortals. Yes, this sounds literary, but I feel Swain is meant to be the most literary character in League. His journal, which tells the story of Sion's rebirth is beautifully written: _"We've come full circle: a Grand General in need of a champion, the Black Rose seeking to wind its roots further into High Command, and a fallen warrior starved of battle. This time, it will be different. Boram managed to revive the body successfully, but all he got was a mindless beast with a single instinct: to devour life. I can't fix a thing so broken, but I can rekindle its purpose, and that may be enough for my plans. The ritual is prepared, and the body still hungers."_ _"Drink deep of the blood of your killer, son of Noxus, and live again."_ Besides hyping up the upcoming re-release, I want to tell Jaredan if he happens to be around here: I know by your enthusiasm you're going to give Swain some superb writing, but also don't be afraid to make it literary. Tahm Kench levels of grandiloquent. If anyone in League should be like that, it's our beloved general. Swain's fans are the most lore-obsessed, bookish types and they will love it. PS Yes I remade the thread sorry
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