Why I think Riot got it wrong with the update on Aether Wing Kayle (Not about it looks good or not)

There are a lot of people discussing about Aether Wing Kayle being extremely ugly especially the 3rd and 4th from, while some are crying out in joy saying its amazing and its the best thing ever. I understand that whether you like something looks is subjective, and I'm not here saying which side is the correct side and say "This sucks I hate it". However there is something that is objective and not subjective here, and that is her style is VERY DIFFERENT from what the skin used to be, which I don't think should be happening. Think about it in this way, a customer bought an item - Aether Wing Kayle because he/she likes the streamlined elegant look on her with a more futuristic but at the same time, still relatively magical and divine design, and maybe the other effects like the Auto Attack sound and her voice, which again still sounded human. But now this item you bought suddenly changed to something very different, whether you like this item better or worse, the thing here is you LOST your old thing. I do not know if the skin ORIGINALLY intended Kayle to be a future soldier in a militaristic society arresting people and telling citizens to move around, but from my countless number of games with her using this skin, based on her voicelines it really didn't give me that feel. She feels more like soldiers from like Asgard in the Marvel Universe with some futuristic yet mythological and magical equipment, but now she's a cyborg and the design look more bulky and robotic and even entirely changes shape and colour later on. Again I need to re-iterate my point very clearly. The new updated skin has a very different design compared to the old one, which is probably why the players bought the skin in the first place. Even if they like the new robotic Kayle with a space station on her back and a cyborg voice, they no longer have the old streamline futuristic Kayle, which is the reason I think most people are not happy with the update, especially when subjectively a lot of them think the new one looks a lot worse. Look Riot, if you want a robotic pulsefire Kayle or a gundam Kayle or whatever, you can totally just make a new one and sell it. If the people like it they can buy it and no one will be unhappy. But don't change the core design of a skin to something completely different because skins costs actual real money to buy and keeping the old core design does not affect gameplay balance so why don't just tweak it a little to match the graphic quality but keep the design core? As an extension, this goes similarly to the pretty heavily discussed "lack of armour" on Kayle. I know they want her to look not as bulky and less armoured, but again the new design just looks logically flawed regardless of it looking nice or not. You can still wear full-armour WITHOUT looking heavy and bulky and tanky. Trust me. Maybe do some research and hire ACTUAL armour designers instead of making up fantrasy armour? On a final note, I am not saying Aether Wing Kayle looks good or not as Riot apparently says subjective reasons don't mean much but just for reference in case you didn't notice you can check the comments in this video and see how many people subjectively think this skin looks terrible, maybe you will change your mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BufHtuc8GIM Let's put up some of the replies and their upvotes in the video BEFORE I CLICK SHOW MORE: (Date 23/02/2019 2:30am UK time) (Popular replies will be in bold) Complains: * ** What is this skin trying to be? PROJECT? Pulsefire? Both? (164)** * That last form should be illegal so ugly it is LMAO (33) * **wtf is this recall animation (242)** * **the wings are disgustings in the last 2 forms (140)** * **The 2 last forms are terrible. Aether wing should be elegant, not robotic like mecha or puslefire. It's so messy. And the 2 last forms have this 2 robot wings in her side -- don't like it. (121)** * it's more like program kayle to me (28) * That mecha zero back animation have nothing to do with this skin... even the classic back animation is better. Pls for the love of god change it back for the normal one, we dont need another mecha/project/pulsfire skin. (56) * **Wait this skin is horrible now lol (127)** * I hate the dark armor evol and the wings evol too, the first wings evol is epic, but 2 and 3 are trash. (48) * i own this skin and im extremely disappointed in the last 2 forms (67) * it needs fly style like old aether wing (53) * I dont like her recall. Old was better (10) * From best to worst. Thanks a lot Riot. (50) * Please change the last two transformation (22) * okay the skill effects are too bad for a legendary skin (11) Compliments: NONE After one click of show more: Complains: * **Legendary and no more cool auto-attacks animations.. disapointing (394)** * **I miss the thrusters on the back when she was moving, and the auto animations. They need to remove the voice filter too she isn't even wearing a helmet or cyborg enough to justify having it. I also would rather she not upgrade when her ulti does since her base looks better to me. (101)** * How can this be so plain and bad compared to her other cheap skins..... give us legendary Silver Kayle and erase this disaster. (8) * very sad that the got ride of the old auto attack sound and a bit disappointing about the walk animation. Also wish she would only use one sword the whole time instead of going to two for the ranged attack. (7) * its probably best to have no attachment to any skin or champ anymore cause theyll ruin it eventually (8) * **The 11 and 16 transformations are just way too much tbh. The way those thingies float on her side just makes her look really weird when she is moving/attacking. She is all over the place. (243)** * Aether Wing Kayle... Where are the wings on the last 2 forms? (8) * They need to change the autoattacks. Give the skin the old exclusivity. :( (31) * She doesn't turn into her sword anymore on death? What's the point of the skin then? (4) * Compared to other legendarys or mechanical themed skins, this is such a disappointment. Not only the last 2 forms and the recall but also the boring blue particles instead of yellow which is 1350rp worthy and doesn't match her wings color. I feel like the first forms just look like the old aether wing, when they could've made a cooler version of it. I'm gonna stick to the casual Kayle then.. (14) * ** sad i will miss the auto attacks (484)** EDIT: Ok so I hit the length limit which chopped off quite a bit of my original post so I will end with conclusion earlier: Not only do I believe it wasn't the right decision to change the core design of a skin, especially such an expensive one, there are also A LOT of people that thinks this skins looks terrible, and have agreed on roughly the same things that they think made the skin bad: * Too different (Which reinforces my point) * Bad back animation * Auto attack sound * Too bulky * Changes colour to black in later stage * Cyborg sound * 3rd and 4th forms Please listen to your community about this skin, as well as the classic Kayle armour and other things. Just because you're on the top doesn't mean you're always right.
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