Qiyana is boring character in the lore. (Very long post)

I just decided to read {{champion:246}} lore. And even watched Necrit's video about her. Why do people claim she is very well written? she has typical story of someone being cocky because she's not respected. I wouldn't mind that at all if she actually would have a believable personality and lore. Her story for me seems nothing more than a tool to introduce a new region. She's basically boring version of Draven. I can see 1 of possible counter arguments that she's written intentionally to be like that. My answer to that is "Have you seen Avatar The last airbender?" Some characters were written to be less likable and relatable. You totally don't have to to make her relatable or likable but, Riot you gotta make her interesting in her own way. For example let's look at Zuko from The last airbender, We know that he's cocky prince who wants to get his honor and respect back. And in order to do that he needs to kill the avatar. He's not the strongest dude, but strong enough to do his mission. yet he struggles to do that, and that's the beauty of his story because he totally don't have to do it in order to gain his honor. That's why his character works and that's why his story is liked by many people even if he wasn't meant to be liked or relatable character at least in the beginning. The thing is we know exactly what the honor means to Zuko. it means getting his life fixed maybe meeting his mom getting a better relationship with his father and sister. However, we don't know what it means for Qiyana to gain respect? Does she really even care about respect? Or ruling the country? This important piece is missing. There's no believable reason why she's doing things that way? Is she trying to fight the system? Is she trying to fight the law? is she trying to change the world? what's her goal? There's nothing out there. We know she does those things, and yet what does it mean to her? does it mean everything to her? Is fighting the system a choice to get higher position to her and if so what's the point for her to be a ruler? So all of you people saying that she's a very well written character please explain me what's so likable about her? I can see another counter argument, that it's not fair to compare a video game character's lore with a tv series (animated) character who got so much screen time and development. And you would be right. However if you're a clever writer you can write your character very quickly and tell the reader what kind of person he is and what he wants to achieve. And a good example is Dio from Jojo's bizarre adventure. There's 1 scene while being a teenager he's playing chess and wins against an opponent who is much older than him only to get smacked his head in his plate. and it tells us that 1: That Dio is from poor family. 2: his is very intelligent if he manages to beat a much older and experienced opponent. 3: this is not a situation where he wants to be in, life is not easy for him. 4: while the man is mocking him he reaches for the fork and thinks that he should stab him, but he changes his mind realizing that it would cause more trouble for him and he drops the idea of stabbing the man. it tells us that he's not afraid to do it, but rather that he's frustrated living in unfair world. this scene tells us the audience why he became a villain. And that's how 1 scene can tell u almost everything about a character, what he's like and why he's doing something or what he wants. And Quiyana don't have this type of writing. they just talked more about her region than her motives itself. Basically I just ripped of supereyepatchwolf's video about jojo's so here's the link if any of u is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgIuhkG63_s&t= Another example is Lux. the way riot wrote her was kinda similar to Dio's. We understand all we need about her without reading everything about her. she's a simple character we know she's optimistic, but in reality she's afraid of herself, afraid of the world. it's simple yet it conveys us the she has a personality and that she's wearing a mask. We know that she would like to get rid of her powers because it's depressing to her, everyone would hate her if they found out about it. We know what it means to be a mage for her and why she tries to erase her powers. Well Qiyana does things because she can do them because she sees that she's the best option for her nation to be ruled by. But it does not tell us why she wants to do that. That's the issue for me with this character. We know what she's capable of but we don't really know why she's trying to show of her abilities? it's just a ripped of story from zuko about gaining respect and being cocky. But the story could've been way better if they gave little bit more thought into character itself and not just region. Basically people says she's very well written because she was written to be hated. Alright that's fair enough if u have read Attack on titan manga (Spoilers incoming) where the character gabi was made to be hated, she killed one of the main side character then she kept being annoying character and killing another main character. She really pissed of people but we knew that she hated everyone because of these characters her family was hated, hell here whole race was hated and she had no other choice or at least that's what she thinks. and her character works. but Qiyana does not have any emotions, she lacks emotions and simpathy, even for hatible character. Nothing feels like is going for her even if things is going on for her, it just doesn't feel that way. And that's why her story is not very well written. If you disagree with me tell me why, I'm really interested what others think maybe I'm wrong about something. The thing is I am not more knowledgeable about story writing than riot is. All I am is a man that got disappointed at 1 character's lore in a video game. But Lore means quite a lot to me and if it didn't mean a lot to me I would not have written this post to begin with. Also thanks for reading.
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