What I think about Ahri's New Splash

I have to admit, I didn't know why you guys chose to use the same splash, I hated the whole new dress & how it went in the middle of her breasts, as well as clutter of messy looking tails/pose & thought you guys completely scrapped it instead of just tweaking it but I won't lie, I think it hits Ahri's feel & original look much better than the other one did. Good job BUT the only problem I have with the face, is her chin... it looks massive, especially when looking from a distance. I think that you guys should lighten up the shadow under her lip & make the chin shape more smaller & narrower just as in the original splash. I also believe you guys should darken up her skin tone just a tad bit. She is slightly tan in the in-game model & in her original splash arts for all her skins. In this she looks extremely pale & gives off a feel to me that she is sickly (imo) ;-; Are you guys going to update her model soon to match the new splash? Please try to keep things consistent. I believe with these changes, more people would stop complaining about the splash because it would help to make it look better & more beautiful. I do think this is a major improvement from the other face though & it makes me happy that she actually feels like the same 'Ahri' at least. From the straighter hair that has the same fringe to the fluffier ears, & darker whisker markings. I don't care that her eyes are not looking towards us, she wasn't in the classic either. Thanks for adding the bell by the way ;3 I will always miss the classic Ahri splash art because it was so perfectly done but I'm happy that this didn't turn out as bad as the other one, just make small changes to it so everyone else can love it too :D I was hoping maybe someone who did the splashes for the Classic, Foxfire, or Popstar could have worked on it from scratch, but that's just me.
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