PROJECT: Reckoning fanfic competition!

**EDIT: Aaaaaaand that's time! I'll be judging all of the entries and choosing winners tomorrow! Thanks again to everyone who participated :)** ** EDIT 2: The winners have been selected! Big congratulations to SyndrHulk as the top upvoted winner and wwholesumm as the judge's choice winner! Thanks again to everyone for participating :)** A few years back, Bioluminescence ran a fanfiction competition focused on the new PROJECT skin releases. I thought that was an amazing idea and figured why not do another one for the new PROJECT releases? So here we are with the PROJECT: Reckoning fanfic competition! **The Challenge:** As you might expect, this is a competition about telling the story of PROJECT: Reckoning. Check out the trailer for more details about the event: Your challenge is to tell a story about one of the new PROJECT units (Irelia, Akali, Jinx, Pyke, or Warwick) and why it seeks revenge on the company that created it. Bonus points if this incorporates anything about their canon backstory (Irelia's hatred of Noxus, Akali's rebellion against the Kinkou, etc.). ** Rules: ** 1. ** 500 word count limit.** As much as I love PROJECT fanfiction, I have a limit as to how much I can read through. 2. **There will be two winners**. One will be based on total upvotes, while the other will be based on my personal favorite. Make sure to upvote your favs! 3. **The deadline is 11:59pm PST, July 31st.** Make sure to have your entry in (and within the word count) by then! 4. **There will be prizes!** Both of the winners will receive the PROJECT skin of their choice (or 1350 RP, if they don't want any of the skins) for having the best entry! I will be adding the winners in order to gift them after the contest concludes. Note that this only includes NA Summoners - sorry guys, I only have an account on the NA servers :/ Good luck to all entrants!
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