Star Guardians 2019 (Thoughts and opinions)

The new teaser for the upcoming Star Guardian skins is... **disappointing.** When many of us were expecting a vibrant magical girl group vs. a corrupted star guardian group, we did not get that. Instead, we get 2 characters with the same color palette and visual effects, one crappy little girl SG Syndra knock-off, and a Neeko skin with base particle effects that look **super** similar to the prestige version. I am of loss for words. When I first started playing League, there was only one Star Guardian skin, and that was SG Lux. I completely fell in love with that skin and it was one of the best skins in any game I had thought. Later on, Riot released the Burning Bright team, and I also was very pleased with that. They added a very cute but well-dressed storyline, and all the characters had different effects and vibes-- but they still were still to the aspect of a Star Guardian. Then, we had the New Horizon, and that is still my favorite skin set to this day. Each character was expressed well, the outfits, particle effects, and the storyline was great. The story shorts and even the pajama guardians were cute (even though PG is just a money grab) I have all the star guardian skins to this date and was honestly planning to splurge into the new Star Guardian line, but this new line is actually bad. They put in the effort to make the pure forms so pretty, but then they make the models and base look really bad. This is almost as bad as the Arcade and Project event. I used to be in love and squeal whenever a new Star Guardian skin line was announced, but sadly, this one ain't it. As much as I love the magical girl concept. the star guardian universe, and the skins before, this new one just killed it. Sorry, but.. thank u next. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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