I feel like Sylas is half baked

His character is built on his past, and not by his present or future. It doesn’t feel like Riot thought about who he is or will become in the future. Somebody who wants to spearhead a civil war needs to have plans, he needs to make friends and know his enemies are. Sylas does not do this. He doesn’t try to come off sympathetic, heroic, or intelligent. The big part that makes me feel this way is how he treats Galio. The number one person hurt by a civil war is Galio, increased by the fact it’s over magic. Galio loves his fellow countrymen, but Sylas treats Galio like a thing instead of a key player. For somebody who read the damn book about Petracite authored by the guy who made Galio, you’d think he’d treat Galio as more than a monument to be desecrated. It’s like Riot wrote everything about Sylas’ personality and character like he just escaped execution when he talks. To me this makes Sylas feel incredibly flat. If he tried swinging Galio to his side, but you weren’t sure if he respected Galio or planned to kill him after the revolution would be interesting. As is Sylas likes to smash and kill things he disagrees with instead of you know, being smart. When he manipulates Lux I thought that meant he’d be smart. Trundle is a better written Sylas atm.
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