The story of Darkins, Ascended, avatars of Targon, the Golden Queen.

Hello. I recently moved to a North American server and would like to share my old analysis of the history of the Darkins. The link to the original post is at the top. *** It is not an exaggeration to say that the new Darkin story turns upside down the idea of ​​the world and the history of Runters. After reading the story “Twilight of the Gods,” we learn that the Ascended Shurim were well aware of the existence of Targon avatars and the existence of the space dragon Aurelion Sol {{champion:136}} . The creation of the Ascended Shurima resembles the appearance of the Targon avatars, when the bodies of worthy people are filled with the strength and energy of a cosmic entity. But since the avatar of the Sun can be only one person in one world without taking into account avatars in other worlds (the Pantheon’s story), it can be assumed that magic from the portal leading to the “Kingdom of Spirits” plays an important role in creating the Ascended, in which the spirits of all living creatures and creatures. Souls of people, animal spirits, the essence of species and places, elements and even ideas exist in this dimension in the form of powerful forces that interact with Runterra and fill it with a special kind of magic. As a result, we can get the following: During the ascension, the human body is filled with the energy of the essence of the Sun and merges with the spirit of some kind of animal, element or something else. As a result, we get Ascended {{champion:268}} , who is different from the Avatars of Targon {{champion:131}} and Vastaya {{champion:103}} (resulting from a mixture of people and Vastayashai’rei) . From the same story, “Twilight of the Gods,” we learn what sealing the Ascended into Arms and the appearance of the Darkins in the form in which we know them is the Star Messenger of Targon Myisha. It is not known whether Maishu is the pseudonym of Zoe, or is this the previous avatar holding the position of Star Messenger, but her appearance is very remarkable. "Myisha was thin, even fragile, but Ta'anari felt that even he himself had not yet grasped the depths lurking in her. The bright golden hair that the northerners have scattered over her shoulders. Her face seemed young, but ancient wisdom glowed in her eyes Her eyes were different: one was dark blue, the other was the color of lilac twilight, she wore thin multi-colored silk that was completely unsuitable for the desert, and a thin rope hung on the belt with a golden key hanging from the end. hot pink scarf. " Doesn't it remind anyone? {{champion:142}} It is also hinted at by Zoey that the ascended warrior god Ta'anari used the magic skills that Myisha taught him in battle. He absorbed part of the other Ascended magical powers, copying their abilities, and also went through a wormhole to be on the back of another Ascended Xuuyan and kill him. Does this all look like nothing? Personally, it reminds me of how in the non-game world the abilities of Zoe "Spell Thief" (RU name skill - Little Trickster”) and "Portal Jump" (RU name skill - “Jump-Skok”) would have looked. Although Ta'anari’s application differs from what we see in the game, Zoe’s lore says that for some reason she’s not able to use the wormhole correctly and therefore pulls it back, which means that when used correctly, it moves only one side. Another detail from Twilight of the Gods is that Ta'anari used the power of the moonlight to destroy or weaken the other Ascendants. - “What the Sun made, the Moon will unmake!" Based on this, we can also assume that the Avatar of the Moon {{champion:131}} will have an advantage over the Ascended. *** Darkins are fallen warrior gods, they are ascended, who were defeated and sealed in their own weapons. Next, we will consider individual Champions who are more or less connected with the Darkins, but they are not. Perhaps related to Darkins or Ascendants: 1. Cassiopeia {{champion:69}} - Naganeka possessed a serpentine body, her servants were blind and she was one of three who escaped from the Ta'anari trap. Consider Cassiopeia separately. According to the old lore, she turned into a lamia as a result of the curse of a stone snake, the guard of the ruins in which Renenkton and Zerat were buried. And according to the audio performance "Dropping the skin" - the entity sealed in the sword "Crawling Snake" speaks of itself in the masculine gender and the Hero of the Shurim tribe also refers to it in the masculine gender. 2. Swain {{champion:50}} - the story of how Swain gained power is similar to how Darkins capture new bodies. "He learned about an ancient creature that absorbed the souls of the dying along with their secrets, how he tried to devour himself. Swain looked into the darkness and saw something that even did not know she herself: a way to control this power. " The downside of the hypothesis that Svein gained the power of Darkin is that the only raven-like ascendants Shabaka and Shabake died in the Ta'anari trap. 3. Warwick {{champion:19}} - here the latter can be attributed with extreme stretch to those who are associated with the Darkins or the ascended. Most likely he just looks like an ascended Cebotaru who looked like a wolf. But the story of the appearance of Warwick is interesting in that perhaps Singed wanted in his experiments to obtain a state close to ascension using alchemy and a chemist. Maybe Sindjed met Sebotaru during his lifetime and got the goal to reach the level of God. As for the unfortunate Warwick, he could possess a grain of vastaya blood as Nidalee {{champion:76}} and Udyr {{champion:77}} , only on a smaller scale so as not to be able to transform as Nidalee or unite with animal spirits like Udyr. 4. Sivir {{champion:15}} - heir to Azir {{champion:268}} , who owns Chalikar Setaka. In a sense, it stands out the most. Ta'anari’s heart is precisely inserted into her Chalikar, which only strengthens the weapons created by cosmic entities that may belong to Targon. But unlike other weapons that Darkins are sealed in, Chalikar sealed the heart of the Ascended which, if he did not become a man again, he became closer to man than to God. Perhaps for this reason Ta'anari will not be able to capture the body of the owner of the weapon. Or, it is the presence of the Ta'anari essence within Chalikar that recognized the heiress of Azir in Sivir. Indeed, of all the Ascended, he most of all wanted the revival of a single empire and begged Nasus {{champion:75}} to reveal the secret where Chalikar Setaka was hidden. *** To summarize, taking into account the ending of the story "Twilight of the Gods." In the present, we have the following, that some 10 gods survived. Darkins: Rhaast {{champion:141}} , Aatrox {{champion:266}} and Varus {{champion:110}} . Ascended with an unknown fate: Naganeka, Valeeva and Cebotaru. Brother Valiva {{champion:110}} , who was not at the meeting. + Unknown Darkin inside Death's Dance {{item:3812}} Ascended: Azir {{champion:268}} , Nasus {{champion:75}} , Renenkton {{champion:58}} , Xerath {{champion:101}} . Chalikar with the heart of Ta'anari, who at that time ceased to be a god. To summarize the story: 1) Aurelion Sol {{champion:136}} creates stars and worlds. 2) The emergence of intelligent life on Runter. The first people to encounter the Abyss, people who escaped from the abyss fled to Targon and Ionia. The latter, in alliance with Vastaysai’rei, give rise to the Vastaya race. 3) Well, Runter is developing a civilization of the Targons, who master many worlds. They have avatars of entities. 4) At some point, the Targon capture Aurelion Sol. 5) Separates or develops parallel to Shurim from Targon. Shurim is well aware of the avatars and the existence of Aurelion Sol. In Shurim, Ascended with the use of the energy of the solar disk and the Kingdom of Spirits appear. 6) Rise of Ikatia. Those who have rooted in destroy the homeland of Varus; he a little later becomes Ascended. 7) In Ikatia, the Abyss went free. In this battle, Setaka dies. Sijax leaves Ikatia in contact with the abyss and is now known as Jax {{champion:24}} . 8) The ascended army with great losses were able to save Runter from the Abyss. 9) At some point, Azir becomes the emperor of Shurima, making Zerat his entourage. Azir wishes to undergo an ascension ritual. 10) Zerat betrays Azir and becomes ascended. Azir is dying. Together with Azir, Shurima sank into oblivion. Brothers Nasus and Renenkton defeat Zerat at the cost of Renekton's sacrifice. 11) After death, the Ascended, left without a ruler, arrange the Darkin war. Perhaps it was she who later was called the Runic Wars. 12) Nasus renounces the other Ascended. 13) Over the many centuries of Ascension rule, they began to be called Darkins, which means "fallen." 14) Maisha - the previous avatar of the Star Messenger makes an alliance with Ta'anari to stop the Darkin war. 15) Ta'anari using the weapons of Setaki and the power of the moonlight destroys several ascended. Chalikar Setaki is saturated with power and saturated with Ascended blood, becoming an ideal weapon against them, and sealing Ta'anari’s blood in it only strengthens the ancient weapon of cosmic entities. 16) The Golden Queen and Pantheon {{champion:80}} destroy and seal the remaining ascendants. 17) The Golden Queen seals herself as she used the bow of Varus. 18) It is not known when, another warrior queen was buried with Chalikar Setaki, she is the ancestor of the ruler of a city in Shurim who hired Sivir to mine Chalikar. Possibly the Golden Queen and Queen Warrior with Chalikar Setaki are Ta'anari's life-guardians. 19) Centuries later, Nocus begins military expansion into Ionia. Varus is special. At the same time, Sivir finds Chalikar. A little earlier, the revived Atrox destroys the homeland of Trindamir. Cassiopeia is cursed by a sword with the essence of Nagashiki. Jax meets Fiora in Demassia. Aatrox kills the Pantheon. God is dying, man is alive. *** There were thoughts that since Cijax {{champion:24}} was influenced by the abyss and changed, then like Jax he has not only three fingers on his hand and blue-violet skin, but also many eyes. Therefore, he wears a mask with so many slits for the eyes. Much later, during his thousand-year wandering around Runter, he founded the teachings of Wuju, or rather, his followers create the style of 術 "Shu Jax / Fu Jax", where Shu / Fu can be translated as "technique". And over time, the name of the style was transformed into Wuju. While Wuju masters {{champion:11}} , in honor of the founder, began to wear masks with many eye holes. This could explain why Master Yi {{champion:11}} , being a swordsman, after teaching Wukong {{champion:62}} gave him Doran's magical staff. For example, when Doran considered that for Jax who had been fighting the abyss for a thousand years, a magic staff would be better than a lantern, but he left the staff to the Wuju masters, considering that among them there would be a more worthy owner. *** I also began to post on the forum my concepts of Champions League of Legends. I hope you enjoy them. [Westwood - The Good, the Bad and the Yordle]( [Lucy is a restless fisherman.]( [Terezi - Wild Hunt](
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