Story, Art & Sound Rules and Guidelines

##Overview of Story, Art & Sound The sub-board of SA&S is mainly dedicated to the following topics: * Lore-related discussions * Artwork has traditionally been C&C, with SA&S more about questions/discussions of League Art. Our main dividing line has been “official vs. non-official” * pertinent Audio/Sound discussions * pertinent feedback and questions Discussions related to these topics are very much encouraged and welcomed by the community, however any thread whose true purpose does not relate to one of these categories may be subject to removal and redirected to a more appropriate sub-board. This means that any discussions that relate to the topics yet have no content in them, empty/low- effort discussion so to speak, are not appropriate. ##Rules and Guidelines * **Do not go off- topic.** Try to keep the comments pertinent to the very thread itself in order not to spam the thread, which would lead to confusion. * **Do not spam.** Creating low- effort threads that lead to no quality discussion is not appropriate and should thus be avoided completely (e.g. overposting _shipping- threads_ etc.). This also relates to comments. * **Do not revive "necro threads".** Any threads that are roughly a few weeks/months/years old should not be revived and bumped up by engaging in old discussions. * **Do not post skin/champion concepts.** This is easily avoided by simply posting them in the [Concepts & Creations]( sub-board. * **Cite your sources.** Nobody likes being left in the dark so if you are referencing another lore-source or important discussion-source please just link it accordingly. It helps everyone understand where you are getting a certain piece of information, thus it will help better the communication overall. Keep in mind that all threads must follow the [universal rules]( If you have important questions about these rules contact us through our official [Discord server]( That is all, keep it fun and enjoyable! ##### **_~~- The Iceborn~~_**

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